Ree-daw La-BAA-dit!
Here we have a selection of national and local newspapers, and a few magazines, to while away the journey.

No prizes for spotting a few pictures where the advert is NOT actually on a bus (two buildings, a couple of posters, a bridge, a placard, two vans and some banners) - I hope you'll agree they were worth including.
Brighton & Hove Herald
Cannock Advertiser
Chatham Observer
Chelmsford's Weekly News
Chester Chronicle
Chester Observer
Colchester Express
Colchester Gazette
Daily Express
Daily Mail
Daily Sketch
Daltons Weekly
Essex Chronicle
Essex County Standard
Evening Citizen
Evening Echo
Evening Express
Evening Gazette 1
Evening Gazette 2
Evening News 1
Evening News 2
Evening News 3
Evening News 4
Evening Post 1
Evening Post 2
Evening Standard
Evening Star 1
Evening Star 2
Evening Times
Falkirk Herald
Farmers Weekly
Glasgow Herald
Grantham & Melton Post
Gravesend Reporter
Guardian Journal
Kent Life
Kent Messenger
Kentish Times
Lancashire Evening Post
Lichfield Mercury
Lincolnshire Echo
Luton News
Maldon & Burnham Standard
Manchester Evening News
Morecambe Guardian
Morning Telegraph
News Chronicle (and Dispatch)
News of the World
Northern Daily Mail (and Football Mail)
Northern Echo
Nottingham Evening News
Picture Post
Post & Chronicle
Scottish Daily Express
Scottish Daily Mail
South Wales Argus
Southend Advertiser
Southend Standard
Star 1
Star 2
Stockport Express
Sunday Dispatch/Evening News
Sunday Express
Sunday Sun
Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Times
Teesside Times
TV Times
Weekend Surrey Advertiser
Wellington Journal and Shrewsbury News
Yorkshire Post
Yorkshire Regional Newspapers
??? Bulletin
Do let me know if you spot any I've missed.

Happy reading!

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