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I'm still trying to find out the history of Silver Service 14. SCT61 has photos of it with Woolliscroft in 1969 (here). Then it disappears until 1976, when it is seen in the yard of Continental Pioneer Services, Richmond, Surrey, still in silver/blue colours.
Then it vanishes again until it reappears in this red/black livery in 1988. It has obviously been well preserved at this point in time.
It also appeared at an AEC reunion in the same year, still in the red/black colours of Wrens Motors, as shown in this photo. Another 20 years go by, and LRA907 appears at Blaenporth in a silver/blue livery with Silver Service glasses front and rear, where it still remains intact and undercover. The mystery is that this bus was notable enough for Corgi to have made a scale model of it and also it appears on the cover of the PSV Circle Chassis Lists Handbook, both in Silver Service livery, yet it seems to have been lost for long periods of time.I would be most grateful for any help with filling in the spaces in it's life.

Photographer unknown, David Field collection, Sunday 26 June 1988, North Weald Rally

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