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DWW608 was a Bristol L5G with ECW B32F body, new as West Yorkshire Road Car Co. no. 204 in May 1940, but not entering service until a year later, in May 1941. In 1954 it was renumbered SG 94.
Withdrawn on 30 September 1958, it was sold to York County Hospital Management Committee in October 1958 and ran with them until sold for scrap in 1964.

With the recent interest (photo of DX32) in West Yorkshire's "disposal livery", where the cream band(s) (and sometimes the fleetname and fleet numbers, too) were painted out in green, it might be helpful to see the vehicle that was the reason for the introduction of this practice.
After sale to York Hospitals this vehicle continued to run around not only the York area, but out as far as Leeds in its job as staff transport for hospital workers. Unfortunately, as well as looking ancient (it was one of the last of the pre-War/Wartime L5Gs to be withdrawn by WY), it also became progressively run-down, dirty and generally neglected. This wouldn't have mattered had it not been still in West Yorkshire red and cream livery. To the average bystander or prospective passenger it looked for all the world like a current West Yorkshire bus that was not being maintained properly, and was also long overdue for replacement. Apart from the image problem it apparently also generated various complaints that "the bus went straight past without stopping for me", even though as can be seen the bible indicator had "Private" painted onto the background. There was obviously nothing the Company could do about this particular vehicle, but after only a year or so (certainly by early 1961) it had been decided to begin painting out the cream band(s) of withdrawn buses in green in order to alter the appearance in a cheap and simple way - the fact that the service stock used Tilling green livery made the choice of colour easy. However, when DWW608 reached the end of the road in 1964 and York Hospitals approached West Yorkshire to purchase a replacement, even disposal livery wasn't considered sufficient, so FWX816 (ex YSG126) was duly repainted overall blue before the hospital took delivery!

Photo taken by unknown (Geof Dickson collection, via Trevor Leach), 1959-64, Exhibition Square, York

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