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An official view of Chester Street Bus Station, Bradford.

Starting from the left the car is JWU112, a black Austin A70 West Yorkshire staff car, new in February 1950 and allocated to the Chief Engineer, based at Harrogate Head Office. Next is DB47, a Bristol K6B with ECW L27/28R body, new in June 1950 numbered 785, renumbered in 1954. After withdrawal in 1964 this spent a long time with Culling, Claxton, Norfolk, until 1972, followed by a brief spell in preservation before unfortunately being broken up in 1977.

Next to that is Ledgard HUB499, a 1939 Leyland Tiger TS8 with Duple C32F body, which was withdrawn in 1959 and scrapped. In front of that is another Ledgard vehicle, which appears to be one of the ex London Transport Daimler CWA6s with Park Royal relaxed utility bodies, but with the registration plate unfortunately obstructed by the passing lady and small boy.

On the inside of this is a post war West Yorkshire saloon, whilst in front is a further West Yorkshire post war saloon, which appears to be one of the batch of 8 Bristol LL5Gs with 8 foot wide ECW B39R bodies, SGW 1-8.

In the right hand row we start with West Yorkshire SG2, new as 111, a 1938 Bristol L5G with ECW B32F body and nearing the end of its life; it was withdrawn in November 1955 and subsequently spent a number of years as a van with Billig & Son, Norwich, who I believe were barrel manufacturers or similar.

Next to that is West Yorkshire DG32, a Bristol K5G new in 1939 as 389, with an ECW L24/24R body, but rebodied in 1950 by Roe with the L27/28R body seen here.

In front of that, the distinctive roof ventilators show it to be a further similar vehicle. In front of SG 2 is a West Yorkshire DP31R bodied Bristol L, either an L6B from the EB1-10 class or an L5G from the EG 1-6 batch. At an angle in front of this is another West Yorkshire double decker, which appears to be one of the small batch of lowbridge KS6Bs, DB58-63, as it has an open platform, but a 5-piece destination display.

Beyond that are a number of West Yorkshire double deckers that all appear to be K types rather than Lodekkas. Ahead of the Roe bodied K5Gs is a Leyland coach bodied Royal Tiger, which could belong to either Hebble or Ribble. Across the road from that is yet another West Yorkshire Bristol saloon, this time an LWL6B from the SBW15-35 range, and finally a Hebble double decker that may be one of their Roe bodied AEC Regent IIIs, carrying a body similar to that on DG32.

The date of the photograph can be deduced reasonably accurately as being the latter half of 1955 on the basis that DB47 was transferred from York to Bradford on 8 June 1955, and SG 2 was withdrawn at the end of November of the same year.

Photo taken by West Yorkshire Road Car Co Ltd, courtesy Trevor Leach, June-November 1955, Chester Street Bus Station, Bradford

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