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On 25 June 1951, York Co-op had an outing to Redcar and Whitby, using vehicles from the West Yorkshire Road Car Company fleet. Unfortunately, details of which vehicles were used are not available, but in this view starting from the left is 665, JWU894, a 1950 Bristol L6B with ECW FC31F body which became CB 6 in 1954 and, later, EB 16 and SB 16.
Next come 4 of the 1951 Bristol LWL6Bs with ECW FC35F bodies from the 666-73 (JYG744-9/36/7) batch, which became CBW 1-8 in 1954 and EBW 1-8 and SBW 1-8 later. The first 3 can be identified as JYG 748/6/37. Two more appear further along the line-up. In the centre of the photo are two more L6Bs with ECW FC31F bodies from the 660-4 (JWU889-93) batch. After these, and interspersed along the rest of the line, are at least 8 half-cab Bristols with ECW DP31R bodies. These can all be identified as dual-purpose examples in having additional beading visible around the cab sides. However, without sight of the bonnet sides it is not possible to identify whether they are L6Bs or L5Gs. The first appears to be 249, which makes it GWX134, a 1949 L5G from the 249-54 (GWX134-9) batch, which became EG 1-6 in 1954 and, later, SG 151-6. As there are a further 7 similar vehicles in the view, this of necessity means that there are also examples of the 1948 batch of L6Bs, which at this time were numbered 650-9 (FWX801-10), later becoming SB 1-10.

Photo taken by West Yorkshire Road Car Co (Trevor Leach collection), Monday 25 June 1951, Fisherman's Square Coach Park, Redcar

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