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On 16 June 1951, West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd arranged a Private Hire to take "old folks" from Yeadon to Southport for the day.

The vehicles used comprised their entire fleet of post-War full coaches at the time, these being ;
660-5 (JWU 889-94), Bristol L6Bs with ECW FC31F bodywork, new in 1950. These became CB 1-6 in the 1954 renumbering and progressively, later in life, EB 11-6 and SB 11-6.
666-73 (JYG 744-9/36/7), Bristol LWL6Bs with ECW FC35F bodies, new in 1951. These became CBW 1-8 in 1954 and then, later in life, EBW 1-8 and SBW 1-8.

These 14 vehicles were insufficient, and so WY hired in 4 additional vehicles. Two were from Thomas Tilling, and comprised AEC Regal IVs with ECW bodies, LYM 728/9, with their original ECW bodies, and Eastern Counties LS 706/7 (KNG 706/7), Bristol LWL6Bs with ECW FC35F bodies like WY 666-73. Of these, at least WY 672/3 and the two ECOC coaches were brand new, in their first month of service.

In the photograph, starting from the left, are the 6 West Yorkshire L6Bs (note the second and fourth have already gained silver-painted radiator grilles, after only a year!), then come the two Tilling AECs, then the Eastern Counties LWLs and finally the 8 West Yorkshire LWLs.

Photo taken by West Yorkshire Road Car Co (Trevor Leach collection), Saturday 16 June 1951, Albert Square, Yeadon

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