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JN962 outside Fairfax Drive depot on contract work, probably in the late 1940s (the vehicle partly visible on the left is one of the JN27xx highbridge Regents of 1933). Disguised as an AEC, but now with a completely different lowbridge body of the type fitted to later Westcliff Regents. By a process of elimination, this was almost certainly the body originally fitted to JN4745, which had been given a new ECW body.
The body from the other Regent similarly rebuilt, JN4294, is recorded as being fitted to Campbell's Albion, PPU187. This vehicle was not around when I first became interested in Westcliff (although JN961 was) but it suddenly reappeared with its new body. A Westcliff fleet list in my possession shows it as withdrawn "by 1946", suggesting that it may have been withdrawn earlier with its body in poor condition, but when a spare body became available it re-entered service with that body. Incidentally, the same fleet list shows JN960 as withdrawn in 1950, but I am certain this is wrong as I never remember seeing this vehicle.

Photographer unknown, Brian Pask collection, late 1940s, outside Fairfax Drive Depot, Southend

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Photo ref: wmjn962a. Page and photo added January 2011
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