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In 1937 new modern vehicles were provided for the sea front service. There were three open top double deckers, Bristol GO5Gs with ECW bodywork, JN8570/1/2.
These three vehicles were fitted with roofs in 1942, but had them removed again in 1949 for further sea front service. One of their discarded roofs survived for many years on a farm near Rochford as covering for a haystack! No prewar photo of one of these vehicles seems to have survived, but this photo shows JN8570, with its added roof, at the route 5 terminus just south of Victoria station just after the war. Note the peculiar shape of the front upper deck windows where they followed the line of the original open top body.
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Photo from Essex Bus Enthusiasts Group collection, courtesy Brian Pask, taken 1945/6, Victoria Circus, Southend

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