SCT '61
Picture Upload Screen

You can use this screen to submit a photo to be added to the SCT'61 site.

There are two stages:
1. Send the picture (JPG format) to the SCT'61 site using this screen (max size 5mb).
2. Supply caption details using a form that will be shown when the photo has been successfully uploaded.

Either type in the folder and file name of the photo you want to send or click on the BROWSE button and find the file. Then click on the SEND FILE button to send the photo to the SCT'61 site.

There are a few caveats:

1. This site is really meant to cover buses, trolleybuses and trams that entered service in the UK in the 1960s or earlier - this means those with registration numbers without a year letter or with a year letter up to H. However I'm happy to be flexible on this rule.

2. I don't use all photos, for example if it is of poor quality or if it is a modern photo of a preserved vehicle and we already have recent photos of the same vehicle on the site.

3. Please make it clear if you don't have the copyright or the permission of the copyright owner.

4. I need to generate a small thumbnail image for the galleries and indexes and also add some extra information about the pictures before they become visible on the SCT'61 site. I try and do this within a few days but sometimes it can take longer and also I try and limit the number of pictures that become visible each day so if a lot of photos have been submitted, it can also take longer.