SCT '61
Southend Corporation Trolleybus Fleet List

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101-103 Railless/AEC with single deck bodies, entered service 1925-7

104-109 Garrett OS with Garrett body, new in 1928/9

110-111 English Electric with English Electric body, new in 1930

112-121 AEC 661T/663T with English Electric body, new in 1932/3

122 Gloucester TDD with Gloucester body, joined the fleet in 1934

123 AEC Q 761T with English Electric body, new in 1934

124-129 AEC 661T with Strachan body new in 1939

130-138 Sunbeam W with Park Royal or Brush utility body, new in 1945/1946

139-143 Leyland TB3 with Massey single deck body, ex Teeside in 1945

144-152 Sunbeam MF2 with Park Royal body, ex Wolverhampton in 1950

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