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This part of the SCT'61 site is dedicated to an archive of bus and trolleybus photos taken across the UK mainly in the 1950s and 1960s.

I originally started this web site because I had several hundred old photos sitting in a box doing nothing so why not share them. Since then I have had numerous contributions of other photos and I am always happy to add more so if you have a collection of sixties or earlier bus, trolleybus or tram pictures, small or large, that you would like to share, either email me or you can use this form to submit the photos.

If you want to find pictures of specific buses, you should go to the Photo Index page. There are separate lists for operators, chassis builders, bodymakers and by first character of the registration number - you can get to all of the pictures on the site from here.

If you just want to browse then choose one of the galleries in the left hand column. There are also more photo galleries you can access from the Southend Corporation page and the Eastern National page



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