Help with searching

For "normal" searching in text fields such as caption or message, photographer, location and registration number, you can use special characters
% the percent sign which represents zero, one, or multiple characters
_ the underscore which represents a single character
(whenever you do a search, a % is automatically added to the start and end of what you are searching for)

Dates can be searched for either an exact date (e.g. 1 Apr 1965 or 1 April 1965), a month (e.g. Apr 1965 or April 1965), a day in any year (e.g. 1 Apr or 1 April), a year (e.g. 1965) or a range of years (e.g. 1965-1966).

For more advanced searching you can do what is a called a "regular expression" (or "regex" for short) search on the Caption/Message, Location and Regno fields. You choose this by ticking the Regular Expression Search option box.

The rules are quite complicated but there are various guides on the web. For example a . (full stop) means any character, [abc] means the character a or b or c but nothing else.
If you actually want to search for one of the characters that has special meaning then you have to put two back slashes in front (e.g. \\. to search for a full stop - although not sure why you would want to do this search)

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