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This part of the SCT'61 site is dedicated to the history of Southend Corporation Transport.

Southend Corporation operated tram services from 1901 to 1942, trolleybus services from 1925 to 1954 and bus services from 1932 (ignoring a brief spell during the first world war), initially on their own (although various other companies also provided competing bus services in the town), and from 1955 in co-ordination with Eastern National, by then the only other operator in the area.

These pages contain a full history of SCT operations, bus and trolleybus fleet lists, 846 photos of SCT buses and trolleybuses, plus various other details such as tables and maps.

The fleet lists for both buses and trolleybuses have a separate page for each batch, a history of the batch and also links to photos of the batch.

The photo galleries are split into nine galleries covering buses while in service with SCT and a 'sold on' gallery featuring buses after withdrawal by SCT, either in store, scrap yards or for further service.

Particular thanks are due to Richard Delahoy for allowing me to include excerpts from his book History of Southend Corporation Transport, both in the History section and in the fleet lists as well as supplying a number of photos and also to Ian Banks, Paul Bateson, Paul Harrison and Chris Stewart for supplying more photos.



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