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One of S.H.M.D.'s single-decker Northern Counties bodied Daimlers, 57, MMA57, parked in Hamnett Street, Hyde next to the store building that once housed the town's Woolworth's store. Until a bus station was built in the early '60s, this street allowed buses to enter the town's central market area or to leave it (as with this service to 'Walker Fold') for the suburbs.
Some sixty years on, that once-infrequent daytime service sees a basic bi-directional half-hourly service (which also finishes in the early evening). The buildings in the background still exist except for the small 'in between' structure: even the prominent drainpipes are still there: the gas-light and the ugly awning are both long-gone (like much of the rest of the rather run-down town). The Daimler was renumbered 101 in 1960, and lasted like most of the batch until 1967.

Photo taken by unknown local photographer, courtesy John Hardman, mid 1950s, Hamnett Street, Hyde

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