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Southend Corporation Trolleybus Fleet Details 144-152
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Sunbeam MF2 with Park Royal H28/26R body, originally delivered to Wolverhampton in 1938, entered service with Southend between May 1950 and March 1951

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The trolleybus system was blighted by indecision in the late 1940's just as the tramway had been a couple of decades earlier and expenditure on new vehicles could not be justified. A number of the pre-war trolleys were however near the end of their economic lives and so in early 1950 nine second-hand Sunbeam MF2's of 1938 were purchased from Wolverhampton Corporation for 100 each. Numbered 264-269/271/273/275 in the Wolverhampton fleet, they all had 54 seat Park Royal bodies. It might seem strange that Wolverhampton, whose trolleybus system was flourishing in the 1950's (closure did not come until 1967), should wish to sell 12 year old vehicles so cheaply, but perhaps there is an answer. When the purchase was approved by the Transport Committee the General Manager Mr Baxendale estimated that 900 would need to be spent overhauling and repainting the 9 trolleys. It must have been with considerable embarrassment that he reported in November 1950 that the actual expenditure was 2,239!
All the Wolverhampton Sunbeams went for scrap in 1954.

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