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Southend Corporation Trolleybus Fleet Details 130-138
Thumbnail photo 130-138
Sunbeam W with Park Royal or Brush (130) utility H30/26R body, new in 1945/1946

130 BHJ827 131 BHJ828 132 BHJ829 133 BHJ898
134 BHJ899 135 BHJ900 136 BHJ901 137 BHJ902
138 BHJ903      


At the end of the war Southend were able to take delivery of nine Sunbeam W's, 130-8 (BHJ 827-9, 898-903). The 56 seat highbridge bodies, by Brush (130) and Park Royal (131-8) were to relaxed utility standards.
Click for full size photo 138 heads north across Victoria Circus towards Victoria Avenue.
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The newest trolleybuses in the fleet, 130-8 were all withdrawn towards the end of 1953 and sold to Doncaster Corporation for 400 each. Given fleet numbers 384-392, they operated with the original utility bodies until being rebodied by Roe in 1957-9. The Roe bodies were in turn transferred to new Daimler CV bus chassis in 1961/2 as the Doncaster trolleybus system was progressively rundown; it finally closed in December 1963.
Click for full size photo Two views taken when in service with Doncaster, the first of BHJ828 with its original Park Royal body ...Click for full size photo ... And the second of BHJ829 with its new Roe body.

Many thanks to Richard Delahoy for his kind permission to include extracts from his book in this page and to John Law for the two Doncaster photos.

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