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Southend Corporation Trolleybus Fleet Details 124-129
Thumbnail photo 124-129
AEC 661T with Strachan H30/26R body new in 1939

124 BHJ194 125 BHJ195 126 BHJ196 127 BHJ197
128 BHJ198 129 BHJ199    


An interval of five years followed before more trolleys were bought in 1939 - and these were considerably more conventional, being AEC 661T's with Strachan 56 seat highbridge bodies, 124-9 (BHJ194-9). Their arrival enabled the Garretts and 110/1 to be withdrawn, but with the onset of the second war Southend soon found itself with a surplus of buses and 124-7 were hired to Bradford Corporation from September 1940 until February 1942 for the princely sum of 20 per vehicle per month (motor buses 207-10 were similarly sent to Coventry). Their return allowed the complete closure of the tramway.
Withdrawn in 1954, the planned sale of this batch to a Spanish operator fell through and the disposal of these five trolleys has not been traced.
Thumbnail photo 127 by Victoria Station post-war  

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