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Southend Corporation Trolleybus Fleet Details 110-111
Thumbnail photo 110-111
English Electric with English Electric H30/26D body, new in July 1930

110 JN60 111 JN61


The next two trolleys were of considerably more modern appearance; 110/1 were new in 1930, built by English Electric. They were originally fitted with a front exit for the lower deck but this was removed in 1937. Dual doorway layouts were in vogue in the late '20's and early '30's, and trolley 116 and single decker buses 150-6 (201-207) likewise had additional front doors when new. The style then died out until resurrected for high capacity one-man buses in more recent times.
110/ 1 were some of the first vehicles to receive JN registrations (in this case JN 60/1) as Southend had used up the HJ series by June 1930. Both these trolleys were withdrawn in 1939 and then in November 1940 passed to Nottingham City where, numbered 302/3, they lasted until early 1946.

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