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Southend Corporation Trolleybus Fleet Details 104-109
Thumbnail photo 104
Garrett OS with Garrett L30/25R body, new in 1928

104 HJ7363


Thumbnail photo 105-109
Garrett OS with Garrett H32/28R body, new in 1929

105 HJ8925 106 HJ8926 107 HJ8927 108 HJ8928
109 HJ8929      


A disadvantage of the first three single-deck trolleys was their low seating capacity - 29 or 30 - but in January 1928 Southend received on hire a 55 seat Garrett six wheel double decker - this was the first double deck Garrett and had been displayed at the 1927 Commercial Motor Show. The 55 seat body was also by Garrett and had an outside staircase and was given the fleet number 104, HJ7363.
The success of this vehicle led to its purchase in February 1929 and to orders for five more, 105-9 (HJ 8925-9), which followed that summer. The staircase was enclosed this time and five more seats were provided, but otherwise they generally resembled 104. These vehicles were quite dated in appearance when new, with a high mounted body whose top deck stopped short of the driver's cab.
Thumbnail photo 109 seen at the Kursaal  
All six Garretts went for scrap in 1939.

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