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Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Trevor Noon (--@--.--) Sun 13 Feb 2011 20:29
I have a picture of my grandfather driving a double decker (solid tyres,no windscreen) Silver Queen bus to Louth in the early 1920s.
Anybody know anything about this company. His name was Charles Kirk and I think he lived in Sheep Street Louth at the time.
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Jonathan (LVVS) Wed 16 Feb 2011 0:13
Just a quick response (it's late in the day)

Silver Queen was one of the companies that in 1928 became the Lincolnshire Road Car Company.

Silver Queen was established by Mr W P Allen, who had been trading in Clacton, Essex, and in 1922 opened a base in Lincoln. The name 'Silver Queen' was adopted in 1926 by which time the Company had expanded into other parts of the County.

I'm sure I have more information, but will need to do a little bit of research. Would be most interested to see the photograph if that's possible.
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Jonathan (LVVS) Thu 17 Feb 2011 0:09
Silver Queen was the name adopted in 1926 for the Lincolnshire bus operation of Mr William Percy Allen.

Mr Allen started running buses in 1905, and established a number of bus operations in Clacton, Essex; Kent and London. The Clacton operation was sold in 1926 to the National Omnibus & Transport Co, and became part of Eastern National.

The Lincolnshire operation started in 1922 from a base at Bracebridge Heath (just south of Lincoln)

By 1928, the company had 47 buses, mainly small single deckers, and garages at Grantham, Louth (Eve Street), Retford, Mablethorpe and Newark as well as Bracebridge Heath. The 'Lion Hotel' in Lincoln's High Street was also leased, and served as a bus station as well as hotel and cafe.

The Lincolnshire Road Car Company Ltd was formed in 1928 with involvement of the Tilling & British Automobile Traction Company, Mr Allen taking the role of chairman of the new company, a post he held until 1955.

No double deck buses passed from Silver Queen to LRC in 1928, but Thornycroft double deckers had been operated.

The above is based on information in the book 'Lincolnshire Roadcar 75' by Graham Wise, NBC Books, 2003.
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Graham Wise Tue 23 Aug 2011 10:30
Nice to see my book referred to !
Silver Queen had a Thornycroft Char-a-banc with the registration number 2450 of which there was a photograph in the Road Car archives (now lodged with the Kithead Trust). Unfortunately the letters are obscured by someone standing in front of it.
Does anyone know what the full registration was, and anything about the vehicle's history?
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Graham Wise (--@--.--) Sat 10 Sep 2011 16:56
The correct number for the Silver Queen Thornycroft J charabanch is 2470 not 2450. Also I should have added my email address to my last message -
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: John Taylor (--@--.--) Mon 19 Sep 2011 17:09
W. P. Allen registered Clacton and District Motor ServiceLtd on 4/12/1913 to operate bus and coach services in the Clacton area.
In 1922 the company trading as Silver Queen commenced services in the Lincoln and Grantham areas and in Louth shortly afterwards. The livery was polished aluminium lined green. The company changed its name to Silver Queen Motor Omnibus Co. Ltd in 6/1926and changed its livery to maroon about the same time

. In spite of what it says in Lincolnshire75 it did not sell its Clacton business to the National Omnibus Co, Ltd or form a new company. J. B Walford and W.S. Wreathall had no connection with the company.

Lincolnshire Road Car Company was registered in August 1928 to take over the Lincolnshire operations of Silver Queen in Lincolnshirere . The sale taking place on 19th October, 1928 together with 47 vehicles and premises at Bracebridge Heath, Grantham, Newark, Retford and Louth.

The Clacton branch continued until it was sold to Eastern National in 7/1931.

In addition the company had a branch at Capel, Folkestone which was sold to East Kent. At one time there were premises at Ostend (Oostende), Belgium where 2 chars-abanc were garaged for tours of WW 1 battlefields.

In addition there 2 associated companies in Kent, Isle of Thanet Moror Co. Ltd and London and South Coast Motors (1915) Ltd both of which traded as Silver Queen and passed to East Kent.

W.P Allen was the first chairman of Lincolnshire and remained so until 1951 and was also a director of East Kent.
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Derek Jones Tue 22 Nov 2011 0:01
Research into the Kent parts of the W P Allen business show that Silver Queen there was just a trading name used by London & South Coast MS (1915) Ltd and (later) Isle of Thanet Motor Co Ltd - in other words there was no Limited company in Kent which bore the Silver Queen name.

If Silver Queen Motor Omnibus Co Ltd was a renaming (in 1926) of Clacton and District Motor Service Ltd, and was therefore primarily based in Essex, did this company itself licence vehicles in Lincolnshire, or were these licensed to another entity, and if so, what was its name there between 1922 and 1926, and then between 1926 and 1928?

The fleet history (2PF4) of Eastern National published by the PSV Circle in 2003 contains a fairly comprehensive Silver Queen fleet list, including many of the vehicles registered in Lincolnshire, and some of those registered in Kent that later operated in either Essex or Lincs (or both).

The vehicle Graham identifies as xx 2470 was presumably the Thornycroft J with fleet number T39 registered FU 2470.
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: andy (--@--.--) Mon 18 Jun 2012 11:58
hi could anyone tell me what role mr l crosby played at the lincoln omnibus society as i have in my possesion a nice clock presented to mr L crosby and his wife as a token of respect by his fellow workers in 1928
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Graham Wise (--@--.--) Fri 25 Jan 2013 14:33
After my long research into Lincs Road Car, and a few years into retirement, I'm looking for any information on Silver Queen in Lincolnshire with a view to writing a definitive history of its operations.

Anything by email, or any documents or photographs that can be borrowed, scanned and returned; any information on any documentation anywhere that could be referred to and examined would be useful. Also any family history stuff that relates to the company would bve interesting.

Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Les Brittain (--@--.--) Sat 7 Sep 2013 16:17
My interest in vintage buses has been awakened today after visiting the Mallard exhibition at Grantham station where the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society has been providing a popular passenger service from various pick-up points in Grantham. I was reminded of stories my father used to tell of the time when he was a conductor on the Silver Queen service between Billingborough and Grantham in the 1920's. It was during this period that he met and married my Mother who lived en-route at Ingoldsby. At 78 my memory is a bit hazy but I seem to recall that it was a double-decker bus with an open top deck. Would this be right for that era?
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Geoff Wright (--@--.--) Thu 15 May 2014 23:00
In the early 1920's my father, Fred Goodwin Wright drove Silver Queen buses between Louth and Grimsby. All I remember him saying was that they had no windscreen and solid tyres. In 1924 he went into partnership with his brother Alf as the Wright Brothers with a Renault Charabanc and a model T Ford. My father then had a very successful partnership with Mr Kemp and formed Wrights Bus Service which was taken over in 1951 by the Lincolnshire Road Car Co.
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: David Howarth (--@--.--) Mon 2 Feb 2015 10:30
My great grandfather worked at Silver Queen Motors and Lincolnshire Road Car Company, we have just found his business card, Mr A Wilson General Manager Phone 22
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: hartley james connelly (--@--.--) Thu 29 Dec 2016 10:09
Hi have just unearthed an old photo /postcard of a silver queen charabanc around the 1920s 100% original item it is a great photo and i would think a one off as it is of a trip to the seaside by a large group of staff from colchester cooperative society and on the front of the charabanc is a board with the words dedham on it ,do experts on this subject matter think it could be all the staff from dedham cooperative society i think it may be a 1920s thorneycroft .any thoughts on why this charabanc should be in colchester with a dedham board on it . many thanks . h,j,c,
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Scribbles Sun 1 Jan 2017 16:32
The vehicle was probably hired from Silver Queen in Clacton to take Colchester Co-op employees on their staff outing. Dedham is a well-known beauty spot and tourist attraction in north Essex so may well have been the destination for the day out - think of Constable's paintings; visiting the locations is still popular with tourists today, plus numerous tea rooms, hostelries, etc all within easy reach of Colchester even in the 1920s.
Silver Queen Buses- Louth
From: Jo Dryden (--@--.--) Fri 6 Apr 2018 15:31
I have found 5 photos of The Silver Queen Charabanc. They show it's demise, there is smoke pouring from the engine. Pencil written on the back is 'SilverQueen' Fleurbaisc? France 12/7/1929 ' a few of the party Frank George ...
hey came from an old collection that probably hasnt seen the light of day for many many years. I will forward this to Graham Wise who asked about it's history.
These are original photos I'm sure, maybe the only ones. Pleaase let me know if you are interested in them. Jo

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