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Almex A tcket machine
From: Gary Baker (--@--.--) Fri 14 Nov 2014 9:08
I have just bought a nice Almex A ticket machine on eBay and the print plate has the operator as L. R. C. C. Ltd. The only company I and a couple of others can think of is Lincolnshire Road Car Co Ltd, but I didn't think that they used Almex machines. Is anyone able to help identify this machine please?
Thank you.
Almex A tcket machine
From: Jonathan (LVVS) Sun 16 Nov 2014 17:45

Lincs Road Car did use Almex A machines so your assumption is probably correct.

From memory, they were introduced (at least at some depots) in late NBC days and were in use until the mid 90s when the Almex A90 / Eurofare electronic system was introduced. Setrights continued in use until post-deregulation at some depots, although I can't remember any in use by the early 90s.

LRC buses had a ticket machine stand that could take either an Almex A or a Setright.

Grantham depot in particular had a number of the 'PDR' type Almex A (this was the type that originally included a magnetic data recording tape) - I'm unsure whether this continued in use or whether they had been rebuilt not to use this. I believe these machines may have been second hand, but have no information as to where they came from.

A standard Almex A is visible in this 1989 shot of a Grimsby based bus - (not ours - just the first I could find with a visible Almex)
Almex A tcket machine
From: Andy H Sun 30 Nov 2014 18:04
I remember using the Almex PDR ticket machines during my time at Grantham Depot. In my opinion they were a slight improvement on the Almex 'A' series - apart from the extra weight of the machine tins.

To the best of my knowledge the magnetic recording tapes were not usable.

Here is a link to the Almex PDR type machine.

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