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wolseley 11/22 tourer - FU7464 (1927)
From: trevor nixon (--@--.--) Mon 15 Sep 2014 19:09
i own a 1927 maroon coloured wolseley 11/22 tourer reg no FU7464 . the car is in fair but roadworthy condition and appears to have had some cosmetic restoration probably many years ago ?.
i purchased the car in 2013 from a chap in the derbyshire area who in turn had purchased it from someone in the skegness area ..?
with the car , i have quite a few old tax discs from late 1950's until the '00's all of which were issued at skegness/kesteven (according the stamp on the disc) , so i guess being Lincolnshire registered and being a very old car , it would be known locally ..perhaps its been on display in a museum or at least ,been in some local shows over the years ??
i am trying to piece together its history , which pre 2013 good or bad news ... i know nothing !
.. any info about its past history , or better still , contact with any previous owners would be great ... i am a private enthusiast and any information i gain is purely for my own records about FU7464 ...
any help would be appreciated ..
kind regs
trevor (cumbria)

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