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Coach painting
From: Pete (--@--.--) Mon 5 Jul 2010 11:53
Hello all,

My name is Pete, you may have seen me about Lincoln in a little black Ford 8.

I'm near Lincoln and have nearly finished restoring my 1931 BSA 3 wheeled van. It's in primer now and I have bought proffesional Tekaloid coach enamel to paint it with.

I've never coach painted a vehicle with a brush before.

Anyone out there a proffesional coach painter?

Anyone out there that has done it and achieved a quality finish?

Would anyone be prepared to come and paint it with me or help/advise me/???

I have quality brushes, tack cloths, spirit wipe etc

I really don't want to get it wrong.

Leave me a message here if you can help please.



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