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Lincoln Corporation Tramways
From: Ashley Birch Sat 30 Jan 2010 14:11

I run a website dedicated to UK Tramway Company Badges and Buttons ( I'm currently trying to put together a page on Lincoln Corporation Tramways, which ideally would consist of a description of the uniforms and badges worn, as well as photos of badges and, if possible, some of tramway staff (Motormen, Conductors and Inspectors). At the moment I am totally lacking any decent photos of staff that would add some historical context and reveal more details of the uniforms. Does anyone out there happen to have any photos I could use, or failing that, do you know anyone who could help?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Regards, Ashley Birch (High Peak)
Lincoln Corporation Tramways
From: Jonathan (LVVS) Sun 31 Jan 2010 17:00
There are a number of photos of Lincoln trams in which tram crews are visible in our member Cyril Cooke's book on Lincoln Corporation Transport (without wishing to sound too much like an advert, details of the book are on our web site).

I may be able to let you have a scanned copy of one of these photos for your site, as I believe some are from the Society's collection - as long as the Society is credited.

The crews appear to be in fairly generic black tunics / overcoats with no coloured trim / piping. The crews visible wear 'Motorman' or 'Conductor' script cap badges of the reasonably common generic style. (the female tram drivers of the 1914-18 War era also appear to have 'motorman' badges.)

I can not see anything resembling a licence / identity number badge on any of the tram crews in the pictures. Some appear to have LCT letters on their collars. We have a Lincoln Corporation omnibus conductor's badge or two in our collection (presumably pre-1930 Act) but none for tram crews.

I believe the badge from the TMS collection you picture is an inspector's badge - a very similar one was sold as such on e-bay a few weeks ago (it went for £ 114) - although from past experience, sellers' descriptions on e-bay vary in their accuracy.

There is a photo (again in Cyril's book) credited to the Daily Mirror, of the 'last tram' celebration (1929) which includes a uniformed man (appears to be an inspector) who seems to be wearing such a badge on his cap. Bus inspectors (from at least the 50s up until 1985) wore a cap badge consisting of an LCT 'shield', although this was an embroidered cloth badge.

LCT did issue their own buttons, and I think they may have over-ordered, as I don't think I've seen a 'Lincoln Corporation Transport' button, just 'Lincoln Corporation Tramways' - we have a few uniform jackets / coats at the museum with 'Tramways' buttons, but I do not believe that they are pre-1929. I can let you have a photo of a button if you let me have an e-mail address (either on here or by e-mail to the Society). LCT buttons appear fairly often on the market - often with exaggerated claims about their rarity.

Hope this helps,

Lincoln Corporation Tramways
From: Ashley Birch Mon 5 Apr 2010 18:35
Dear Jonathan

Sorry for the long delay - hadn't got around to checking my postings for a while. I'm now pretty sure that the badge is a standard issue for all employees. I have photos from Lincoln Museum but unfortunately am not allowed to reproduce them. Any photos of staff that you can send me would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Ashley (ashley AT