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Pink bus
From: Sarah Thornton (--@--.--) Sat 9 Nov 2013 20:38
My son wants a pink double decker bus for Christmas and I saw one at the open day but didn't buy it, I have not been able to find one anywhere else, where can I find this again please?
Pink bus
From: Jonathan (LVVS) Sun 17 Nov 2013 12:09
The only one I'm aware of is this model -

Searching on CMNL or Northcord 1030 (CMNL is the manufacturer - they changed their name to Northcord) shows a few for sale via the web. Some of the traders who come to our open day do sell on the web as well, so you may find one.

We do not go in for selling models except where we are donated some.

This particular model was released in 2007 and is now generally out of stock. From the prices I've seen, it seems to be quite sought after (bear in mind these are made and sold as collectors' items, not toys)

Best of luck.


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