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Leyland Atlantean near Market Rasen
From: Steve Milner Sun 14 Dec 2008 9:19
Does anyone know the identity of the London Country style Atlantean at Fir Park?

Painted blue and white` it is someway off the A46 to indentify easily !
Leyland Atlantean near Market Rasen
From: Jonathan Sun 14 Dec 2008 14:12
Pure speculation, but a possible contender -

I recall that Dents of North Kelsey did have some double deckers (used only on school contracts) in blue and white, and AN 89 (JPL 198K) which was a Park Royal, dual door, version, went to Dents' in 1988, and is last recorded with them in 1991.

I don't remember this one being in service with them, though - but I didn't have much to do with Dents' until about 1993.

source -
Leyland Atlantean near Market Rasen
From: Local Sat 21 Feb 2009 16:26
JPL 189K was used on De Aston school contracts for some time.

Routes were either Binbrook or North Kelsey to the school.

There was also a Leyland Atlantean bought from East Yorkshire based in Hull, similar model, but with a single entry door.
Leyland Atlantean near Market Rasen
From: Stephen Dodsworth Sun 1 Mar 2009 17:00
About 10 years ago there was a derelict half cab decker here on the left hand side going north on a farm , possibly a St Helens style PD3. Anyone any ideas what it was and what happened to it . I assume it was scrapped.
Leyland Atlantean near Market Rasen
From: peter crossley Sun 16 Jan 2011 18:37
hi the atlantern is mine its kpj286w was dents before that my travel at Rochelle before that finglands at Manchester originally a london county running from gilford to croyden most of its life
Leyland Atlantean near Market Rasen
From: Cliff Harriman (--@--.--) Wed 8 Jun 2011 15:58
Peter, do you know me?

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