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Body construction material of AEC Regent III
From: Tom Ronnberg Fri 15 Jan 2021 18:04
What is the construction material of the body structure on your OLD 714 (London Transport fleet no. RT 4494)?
Were Park Royal and Weimann bodies for AEC Regent after WW2 made of metal steel or aluminum profiles?
The RT 4744 has now a body structure of oak tree. The original body from the RT 4744 has been moved to the RT 4494 at the refurbishment in 1966.
Body construction material of AEC Regent III
From: m.d.gallagher (--@--.--) Fri 12 Mar 2021 8:51
bus OLD714 belongs to a private member of the L.V.V.S who has not got A computer however I am sure the owner will answer you if you send a stamped addressed envelope to the museum addressed to owner of OLD714.
regards Mike Gallagher .

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