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RT 4494
From: Les Fri 13 Apr 2012 11:54
Just wanted to say I've been following with interest the work being done on RT 4494. I think this bus would have left Leatherhead just before my time there but I certainly trained on and subsequently drove RTs and RFs at LH shortly after that time. It's really good to see an example of these great buses that formed the mainstay of LT's operating fleet for so many years. Keep up the good work!
RT 4494
From: Jonathan (LVVS) (--@--.--) Fri 13 Apr 2012 23:14
Thanks for the message.

We hope that RT 4494 will return to 'service' at our November Open Day this year - there are a few minor mechanical niggles after it's been standing for a few years still to be resolved.

Have you seen the website ? - it has many memories from people who have worked on the buses (although not that many London Transport) - you might even want to think about offering a few of your own memories.

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