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1997 Volvo Olympian on an east lancs body
From: Robert (--@--.--) Mon 18 Jun 2018 7:30
Hello, I am after some help as I have bought this bus to convert into a Motor home and have been trying to find out where I could find lone drawings that will show me what space there is underneath the bus and also the frame structure to see wher the strength panels are and where I could weld onto should I need other options! But after searching the internet I have come to a.blank! I even spoke to Optare who bought east lancs Coachbuilders but they could no help! Thanks in adavance any help would be appreciated
1997 Volvo Olympian on an east lancs body
From: Nick Dasey Mon 20 Aug 2018 16:56
You'll be lucky to get an answer from anyone on here, I've had an advert on since July 2010 and not a single reply.

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