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From: Ian Wiseman (--@--.--) Fri 2 Jun 2017 13:50
Hi there. I am interested in old timetables for RoadCar and Lincoln Corporation / Lincoln City Transport. These don't have to be originals - I'm happy to have photocopies as they are for reference only. In particular some of the older routes like below....

1 – Ermine Estate via Burton Road
2 – West Parade
3 – Monks Road / Tower Crescent
4 – Doddington Road / Clarke Road
4A – Doddington Road / Whisby Road
5 – St Giles via Wragby Road
6 – Swanpool
7 – Hykeham Road
7B – Brant Road via Scorer Street
8A – Ermine Estate (Broxholme Gardens) via Newport
8B – Ermine Estate via Yarborough Road
9 – St Giles via Nettleham Road
10 – Rookery Lane
11 – Ermine West via Newport
12 – Boultham Moor
14 – Cotman Road / Westwick Drive
15 – St George’s Hospital
16 – County Hospital
17 – Cemeteries
18 – North Circular (this was a 1970s introduction)

Although ANYTHING related to RoadCar or Lincolnshire based routes would be handy. I am willing to pay (obviously)
From: Jonathan (LVVS) Sat 3 Jun 2017 20:38
We do occasionally have items that are duplicates of what's in our archives available for sale.

Will see what we have and we will get back to you direct.

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