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Lincolnshire Road car Routes and their indicated Boards
From: Brian Hicks Wed 17 May 2017 13:15
Hello, I am an 81 year old Lincoln living in Nth Yorkshire. In the 40s and 50's Lincolnshire Road Car buses would exit the High street bus station to travel to their various destinations, I particularly remember the following because of their iconic destination boards 1, NEW YORK, which was north of Boston in the Fens and 2 JERUSALEM which was ,i believe near SKELLINGTHORPE. What would be their route numbers and what other villages would have appeared on their indicator boards ? I intend to come to your bus event in November and bring you Photos of your Lincon City TurnTable ladder at the fire at Barkers and LEE SMITHS MILL AND PHOTOS OF THE LADDER AND OTHER FIRE ENGINES ,INCLUDING THE RED DEVIL IN THE CORONATION PARADE 1953 in Silver Street Lincoln Thanks for any help in this query Brian Hicks.