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Route 50A to Fulstow
From: Barry Meakin (--@--.--) Mon 28 Nov 2016 18:54
I have come across a photo on eBay of a Black and White coach in a bus station. There is an LRCC SC4LK ,reg NFE445, blinded for 50A FULSTOW in the background, and to the left of the picture is the rear of an LD Lodekka. Can anyone throw any light upon which bus station this would be?

Thanks in anticipation of any information members might be able to provide.
Route 50A to Fulstow
From: Jonathan (LVVS) Sun 9 Apr 2017 16:28
Apologies for the slow response on this.

From a few old timetables, Lincs Road Car service 50A ran Louth - Grimsby, later cut back to be Louth - North Thoresby / Tetney (with connections at North Thoresby for buses to Grimsby)

The only journey terminating at Fulstow in the timetables I have to hand is a 4.35 pm (Saturdays only) from Louth to Fulstow (this is in the 1958 and 1972 timetables) so the chances are the photograph was taken at Louth Bus Station.

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