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HU 1773
From: Kevin Innes (--@--.--) Mon 2 Jan 2012 17:58

I had some time to kill today and have been looking on the net when I had a thought; I wonder what happened to dadís old truck. So I put in the reg of UH 1773 and whoo I found her and all this info on her.

My dad (MR Len Innes) worked for May Transport for 25 years when it started after May transport had been split from the death of Mr Mays father.

My dad was asked by Mr Mays to buy something for the firm that would celebrate 25 years of the firm and would upset his brother; there was bitter rivalry between Mr May and his brother after their father died and the firm split into two.

My dad with the other manager s found the model T and she was green and in a very poor condition. They brought her then he bought a range rover and trailer which he painted red.

I have very fond memories of taking the T to shows over 10 years and have boxes of brasses and troths left to me. I also have a case of old programmes with all the detail in for the module T.

My dad started restoring her and she did not have barrels on, dad used to find then when he got a wiggle on when the T was on the trailer he had to let the range rover slow down by its self. Well one day at the Dorset show where we always camped for the whole week an old man came over and told him to put a loud on her, like barrows and fill them with water, then each time we go out to let some of the water out, he would find the spot where he could so a good speed and not get any wobbles on the trailer. This he did and it worked.

Another time some nut through a fag end out of his car window and it hit the front driver side wheel. When we got back dad was so cross for he had been painting the wheels thinking they where mental. He found they where wood and that winter he striped all the wheels at home in our front room with a razor blade.

When dad gave up work at 65 he was very sad to see the module T go and over the next 7 years he talked about her a lot. Then three years ago he lost his battle with cancer.

When I found the pictures on the net I rang my mum and she was so happy, she thought the T would be a different colour and she was on the understanding the T had left the country.

If you would like to know anything about the T I may be able to help, also I have 100s of photos of her. I do have lots of video of her at the Great Dorset stream show with my then 4 year old daughter who is now in her mid 20s.

Thank you for bringing back so many good memories

Many thanks Kevin Innes
HU 1773
From: Steve Milner LVVS Thu 19 Jan 2012 7:34
Hello Kevin

Very many thanks indeed for your information re the Fort TT.

You and your family are more than welcome to view the truck anytime you are up this way . It will be a pleasure to show you around .

Please get in touch if you do !

Best wishes

Steve Milner LVVS

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