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OFW788 was Lincolnshire Road Car Company 2439, a Bristol SC4LK with ECW B35F body, new in February 1957 and withdrawn in 1971. Sold to Twell, dealer, Ingham in October 1971 it was later resold into the London area.
PBE127 was Lincolnshire Road Car Company 2348, a Bristol Lodekka LD6G with ECW H33/27RD body, new in December 1957 and withdrawn in 1975. This was sold to Martin, dealer, Middlewich in July 1976 but failed to find a buyer and passed straight to a Carlton, Barnsley, scrapyard.
PBE214 was new as Lincolnshire Road Car Company 2230, a Bristol LS5G with ECW DP41F body in October 1957. It was renumbered 3012 in 1958; again to 2662 in 1962 and once again, to 2062, in 1969/70, and withdrawn in 1973. Sold to Twell, dealer, Ingham in March 1973, it passed to Riley's Crisps, Scunthorpe, in April 1973, but was resold to P. Sykes, dealer, Barnsley, by August 1975 and was then sold for scrap.

Photo taken by Trevor Leach, May 1965, Grantham Bus Station

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