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All four constituent fleets of West Yorkshire PTE are represented here together with something much older. It is taken in the area of Bramley depot used to store withdrawn buses on 1st February 1975. In the foreground is Leeds 581, 581CNW, latterly 881. This was one of five open-platform CVG6LX-30s delivered at the same time as the better-known front-entrance examples, which at the time of the photograph were being re-certified in Huddersfield.
On the extreme left are two Halifax buses which I think were PD3s from the (3)201-8 batch, but I have no record to confirm this. Between them and the Leeds bus is a Huddersfield Roe-bodied AEC Regent V which had an exposed radiator, but has no radiator at the time of the photo. On the right is 2128, formerly Bradford 128, which had lost both front and rear domes, presumably for spares. Beyond that is a vintage vehicle in the form of UG6310, a 1933 AEC Regent which was converted to a gritter after withdrawal in 1946 and received the gritting body carried here in October 1960.

Photo taken by David Beilby, Saturday 1 February 1975, Bramley Depot
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