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Yorkshire Traction
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1. HE6320
Yorkshire Traction bought twenty Dennis Lancets in 1934, nineteen with Roe and one with Metro Cammell B32F bodies. HE6320, one of the Roe bodied ones, numbered 407, went on loan, along with seven others, to Northern Ireland Road Transport Board in 1941, returning in March 1942.
Photo taken Tuesday 5 August 1958, Hunslet, Leeds
2. HE6341
Yorkshire Traction 428, HE6341, a Leyland Tiger TS6 built in 1934 with ECOC C28F bodywork.
Photo taken ca 1934, Lowestoft
3. HE6762
Yorkshire Traction 492, HE6762, a 1935 Leyland Tiger TS7 was rebodied by Weymann in 1950. It is retained by Stagecoach Yorkshire as an event vehicle and wedding bus.
Photo taken Sunday 11 September 2005, Meadowhall, Sheffield
4. HE7776
In 1937 Yorkshire Traction placed thirty Leyland TS7s in service with a mixture of B32F bodies by Roe (551-560, 565-574) and Eastern Coachworks (561-564) or with Burlingham C31F bodies (575-580). The Burlingham bodied ones originally had petrol engines and received Leyland 8.6 litre diesel engines and new Roberts B34F bodies to the B.E.T. Federation specification in 1947/8. HE7776, the last of the Burlingham bodied ones received its new body in March 1948 and was withdrawn in 1957.
Photo taken Sunday 5 August 1956, near Barnsley Bus Station
5. HE8235
Yorkshire Traction 582, HE8235, was a Leyland TD5 new in December 1937 with a Roe H29/25R body and is seen leaving Barnsley Bus Station. It was scrapped by Yorkshire Traction in January 1957.
Photo taken Sunday 5 August 1956, Barnsley Bus Station
6. HE9518
New in January 1940 with an Eastern Coachworks H28/26R body, Yorkshire Traction 664, HE9518, was a Leyland TD5.
Photo taken Sunday 5 August 1956, Barnsley Bus Station
7. HE9977
HE9977 was a Guy Arab II (6LW) with a Northern Counties H30/26R body, new as Yorkshire Traction 723 in April 1945. It is seen here in Manchester at the L.M.S. Coachways coach station when with Autodrome (Engineers) Ltd., Audenshaw to whom it had passed in January 1960 via Cowley (dealer), Salford who received it in December 1959.
Photo taken L.M.S. Coachways Coach Station, Manchester
8. AHE163
Yorkshire Traction 726, AHE163, a 1946 Leyland Titan PD1 with a Roe H31/25R body in the museum at North Hykeham during the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society Running Day
Photo taken Sunday 5 November 2017, LVVS Museum, Whisby Road, North Hykeham
9. AHE163
Preserved Yorkshire Traction 726H, AHE163, a 1946 Leyland Titan PD1 with Roe bodywork is seen in a partially restored state in the nineteen nineties.
Photo taken mid 1990s, Halifax
10. AHE165
New in 1946 as Yorkshire Traction 728, AHE165 became Paton, Renfrew 74 in 1962. It was a Leyland PD1 with a Roe H31/25R body.
Photo taken Wednesday 19 June 1963, Paton's Garage, Ferry Road, Renfrew
11. AHE784
Williams of Llithfaen, Caernarvonshire AHE 784. A Leyland Tiger PS1 with Roe B32F body, new to Yorkshire Traction as its 762 in 1947. Withdrawn by YTC in 1959 it passed via dealer Frank Cowley to Williams later that year.
Photo taken Summer 1967, Fron Crossroads
12. AHE784
Williams of Llithfaen, Caernarvonshire AHE784, a Leyland Tiger PS1 with Roe B32F body, new to Yorkshire Traction as its 762 in 1947. Withdrawn by YTC in 1959 it had passed via dealer Frank Cowley to Williams later that year.
Photo taken Summer 1967, Llithfaen
13. AHE792
Former Yorkshire Traction 770, AHE792, in use (along with former Crosville Bristol K FFM532) as a builder's site hut (M&N Builders, Portmadoc) at Portmadoc. AHE792 was a 1947 vintage Leyland PS1 with a Roe B32F body.
Photo taken c.1970, Portmadoc
14. BHE442
Eastbourne Electric Tramway BHE442, a Leyland Tiger PS1 ancilliary vehicle. New to Yorkshire Traction (781) in 1949 with a Brush B32F body, it was withdrawn by them in 1960 and sold to the ETC who cut it down into this form.
Photo taken Monday 20 July 1970, The Crumbles, Eastbourne
15. YHE243
Yorkshire Traction 794 and 798, YHE243 and YHE247, are 1949 Leyland PS2 with 1963 Northern Counties H35/28F bodies.
Photo taken 1974, Upper Sheffield Road Depot, Barnsley
16. BHE766
Seen on driver training duties in the parking area in Barnsley is Yorkshire Traction, Barnsley 836, BHE766, which was a Leyland PD2/1 with a Leyland H30/26R body new in April 1950.
Photo taken Friday 13 April 1973, Barnsley
17. CHE345
Yorkshire Traction 853, CHE345, was a Dennis Lancet III with Brush B32F body of 1950.
Photo taken 1960, Pond Street Bus Park, Sheffield
18. CHE352
Yorkshire Traction, Barnsley 860, CHE352, a Dennis J3 Lancet with a Brush B32F body new in May 1950, is seen in Leeds Central Bus Station waiting to operate a duplicate journey to Barnsley on the 67 service.
Photo taken Saturday 20 October 1956, Leeds Central Bus Station
19. CHE360
Yorkshire Traction 868, CHE360, Dennis Lancet III with Brush B32F body, one of thirty Lancets delivered in 1950, 24 as buses and 6 as coaches.
Photo taken Saturday 9 May 1959, Barnsley Bus Station
20. CHE614
United Services operated a route from Wakefield to Hemsworth and Doncaster, providing a valuable service to the local mining communities. It was a joint operation by three local operators, being Bingleys, Cooper Brothers and Everetts. CHE 614 was former Yorkshire Traction (883), a Leyland PD2/1 with a Roe L27/26R body dating from 1950 and acquired by Everetts in 1962.
Photo taken 1965, Wakefield Bus Station
21. EHE160
Stevensons of Uttoxeter EHE160 in use as a tree lopper and store, a former Yorkshire Traction Leyland Royal Tiger with Roe bodywork, fleet number 959, one of six bought in 1952.
Photo taken 1976, Uttoxeter Garage
22. EHE55
Yorkshire Traction 957, EHE55, a 1952 Leyland PD2/12 with Leyland H58R bodywork seen passing along The Wicker in Sheffield at the end of the long service 67 from Leeds.
Photo taken Sunday 15 March 1959, The Wicker, Sheffield
23. EHE55
Seen in Leeds Central Bus Station, having arrived on the joint service from Sheffield, is Yorkshire Traction, Barnsley 957, EHE55, a Leyland PD2/12 with a Leyland H32/26R body.
Photo taken Monday 2 April 1956, Leeds Central Bus Station
24. LWT880
LWT880 was a Sentinel STC6/44 with a Sentinel B44F body which was new as Camplejohn Brothers, Darfield number 29, in June 1952. It passed with the Camplejohn business in January 1961 to Yorkshire Traction where it was numbered 130C. It was acquired by Tumilty (AA Motor Services), Irvine in May 1963, is seen here at Boswell Park, Ayr and was sold in 1966.
Photo taken Tuesday 11 August 1964, Boswell Park, Ayr
25. EHE921
Yorkshire Traction 974, EHE921, was the first of three Windover Kingsway C39R bodied Leyland Royal Tigers new in 1953 and seen here in Wellington Street coach station in Leeds.
Photo taken Saturday 8 September 1956, Wellington Street Coach Station, Leeds
26. EHE925
Yorkshire Traction 694, EHE925, a Leyland Titan PD2/12 with Northern Counties L27/28R body, new in 1953.
Photo taken Sunday 12 May 1968, Shelf Hall Road, Shelf
27. EHE932
Yorkshire Traction 699, EHE932, a Leyland PD2/12 with Northern Counties L27/28R body new in 1953. This bus was on hire to Hebble Motors because of a weight restriction caused by a major bridge rebuilding scheme in Halifax.
Photo taken 1968, King Street, Leeds
28. EHE947
Yorkshire Traction 1000, EHE947, was a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/13 with Willowbrook B42F body new in 1953.
Photo taken 1965, Barnsley
29. EHE938
Newly repainted, and with maroon mudguards, Yorkshire Traction, Barnsley 991, EHE938, seen in Barnsley Bus Station, was a Leyland PD2/12 with a Roe H33/25R body.
Photo taken Saturday 17 April 1965, Barnsley Bus Station
30. HHE200
Yorkshire Traction 137, HHE200, was a Plaxton Venturer III C41F bodied Leyland PSUC1/2 Tiger Cub new in April 1955 and acquired from Roberts, Barnsley in August 1962.
Photo taken Sunday 3 January 1965, Huntingdon Street Bus Station, Nottingham
31. HHE320
Starting life in 1947 as Yorkshire Traction 731, registered AHE 462, this Leyland PS1 was rebuilt in 1955 and rebodied with a Roe H33/26R body to become Yorkshire Traction 1039, registered HHE320. It was withdrawn in 1965 and passed via North (dealer), Leeds to Simpson, Rosehearty in June 1965.
Photo taken Thursday 30 July 1970, Cross Street/High Street, Fraserburgh
32. LHE506
Hylton Castle Coaches, Sunderland, LHE506, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 built in 1957 with Burlingham Seagull C41F bodywork. This had been new as Yorkshire Traction 1078
Photo taken September 1970, Haverton Hill off Clarence Street nearly opposite junction with Hope Street
33. LHE507
Bob's Buses, Thornaby, LHE507, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 built in 1957 with Burlingham Seagull C41F bodywork. This had been new as Yorkshire Traction 1079.
Photo taken July 1971, Thornaby Place, Thornaby on Tees
34. LHE507
Yorkshire Traction 1079, LHE507, was a Leyland PSUC1/2T Tiger Cub with a Burlingham Seagull C41F body new in April 1957.
Photo taken Saturday 9 May 1959, Wembley Stadium
35. NHE133
Malta Bus Y-0707, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1 built in 1958 with Debono B45F bodywork from 1977.
Photo taken January 1997, Valletta bus station
36. 7001WU
Seen here in Rotherham as Yorkshire Traction 677, 7001WU had been new as Mexborough & Swinton 1, in August 1960, with a Weymann L39/33F body and had passed to Yorkshire Traction on 1st October 1969.
Photo taken Friday 13 April 1973, Rotherham
37. 7011WU
Former Mexborough & Swinton 11, 7011WU, was a Weymann-bodied Atlantean PDR1/1 from 1960, seen following the takeover by NBC Yorkshire Traction.
Photo taken 1972, Rawmarsh Depot
38. SHE166
Yorkshire Traction 1178, SHE166, a 1961 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1 with MCW body.
Photo taken 2001, Meadowhall, Sheffield
39. SHE173
Pioneer SHE173, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1 with MCCW B45F body, new in June 1961 to Yorkshire Traction as their 1185. Renumber 501 in 1967, sold via a dealer in August 1972 to T.W & T.E Williams (Tudor Williams Brothers and Son), Pioneer Services, Laugharne. Withdrawn by February 1977 and scrapped at Whitland by the following month.
Photo taken King Street, Laugharne
40. 8413YG
New in November 1962 as Mexborough & Swinton 13, 8413YG, but seen here in Rotherham as Yorkshire Traction 692 to whom it passed on 1st October 1969, the Leyland PDR1/1 Atlantean had a Weymann L39/34F body.
Photo taken Friday 13 April 1973, Rotherham
41. WVH230
Yorkshire Traction 389, WVH230, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R built in 1962 with Willowbrook B54F bodywork. This had been new as 101 with County Motors of Lepton.
Photo taken July 1974, Barnsley
42. XHE219
Yorkshire Traction 1219, XHE219, a 1962 Leyland PD3A/1 with Northern Counties H73F body, later renumbered 712.
Photo taken 1975, Barnsley Depot
43. XHE229
Yorkshire Traction 722, XHE229 a 1962 Leyland PD3A/1/Northern Counties H41/32F originally fleet no. 1229
Photo taken Tuesday 20 July 1976, Derby Bus Station
44. XHE230
Yorkshire Traction 343, XHE230, a 1962 Leopard with Willowbrook body, the first 36' Leopard bought by Tracky.
Photo taken c.1977, Wombwell Depot
45. XHE231
Yorkshire Traction 1231, XHE231, a Leyland Leopard with Willowbrook C47F body, new in 1962 and alongside North Western 149, AJA149B, another Leyland Leopard but this time an Alexander C49F body.
Photo taken Tuesday 11 August 1964, London Victoria Coach Station
46. XHE234
Yorkshire Traction, Barnsley 301, XHE234, was a Leyland PSU3/3R Leopard with a Willowbrook B54F body which had been new in June 1962 when it was numbered 1234.
Photo taken Friday 13 April 1973, Kendray Street, Barnsley
47. YHE243
Yorkshire Traction 794, YHE243, was a Leyland Tiger PS2/3 which was rebuilt in 1963 as a double decker. A neat Northern Counties front entrance body was fitted.
Photo taken 1974, Barnsley Bus Station
48. YHE248
Yorkshire Traction 799, YHE248, was originally numbered 1248 and was numerically the last of nine former Yorkshire Woollen District Leyland Tiger PS2s rebuilt with Northern Counties H35/28F bodies in 1963. It features an advert for a long-lost local brewery, closed by John Smith's in the seventies but fondly-remembered and twice resurrected by smaller brewers. It was located at Oakwell near the football ground.
Photo taken Saturday 1 August 1970, Upper Sheffield Road Depot, Barnsley
49. 3282HE
A line up of withdrawn Yorkshire Traction PD3A's with Northern Counties bodies. Nearest the camera is 729, 3282HE new in 1964 as fleet no. 1282. When new these buses had much bigger destination displays.
Photo taken c.1977, Upper Sheffield Road Depot, Barnsley
50. 3285HE
Yorkshire Traction, Barnsley 1285, 3285HE, a Northern Counties H41/32F bodied Leyland PD3A/1, is seen in Wakefield Bus Station.
Photo taken Saturday 17 April 1965, Wakefield Bus Station
51. AVH635B
Yorkshire Traction 745, AVH635B, a 1964 Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with front entrance Roe bodywork. This bus came to Yorkshire Traction in 1968 from the County Motors of Huddersfield fleet when it was absorbed by YTC.
Photo taken 1970, Wakefield Bus Station
52. XHE224
Yorkshire Traction 717 (XHE224), a Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with Northern Counties H41/32F body, new in 1962 as 1224 and renumbered in 1967.
Photo taken late 1974, Lord Street, Huddersfield
53. CHE297C
Yorkshire Traction 386, CHE297C, a 1965 Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R with Willowbrook bodywork in dual purpose livery. At some point this bus had a modified front dash fitted. When delivered the bus was 1297 in the YTC fleet.
Photo taken Sunday 9 September 2007, Meadowhall, Sheffield
54. CHE304C
Yorkshire Traction 5, CHE304C, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R built in 1965 with Plaxton Panorama 1 C49F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1972, Thirsk Racecourse
55. CHE308C
Yorkshire Traction 737, CHE308C, a Leyland PD3A/1 with Roe H41/32F body (on Park Royal frames) new in May 1965 as fleet number 1308.
Photo taken April 1975, Barnsley Depot
56. CHE309C
Despite being an early user of Leyland Atlanteans, Yorkshire Traction continued to buy batches of Leyland Titans. The last carrying Roe bodywork based on Park Royal frames were delivered in 1965. Seen here on the long service via Wakefield and Barnsley to Sheffield is 738, CHE309C.
Photo taken Thursday 14 June 1973, Leeds Central Bus Station
57. CHE314C
Yorkshire Traction 743, CHE314C, a 1965 Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with Roe bodywork Originally numbered 1314 when new 743 was one of the last batch of front engined double deckers bought by Yorkshire Traction and the only PD3s with Roe bodywork apart from a pair originally owned by County Motors which YTC accquired when they took over that company in 1969.
Photo taken 1972, Leeds Central Bus Station
58. FCX288C
Yorkshire Traction 396, FCX288C, was a standard BET design Leyland Leopard PSU3/1R with Weymann B53F body.
Photo taken Saturday 11 September 1971, Mirfield
59. FHE319D
Yorkshire Traction operated a number of services in the Doncaster area in the days prior to deregulation. Seen amid the sixties brutalism of Doncaster north bus station is 319, FHE319D, a 1966 Leyland Leopard PSU3/3RT with BET style Weymann bodywork.
Photo taken 1974, Doncaster
60. FHE326D
Yorkshire Traction 1326, FHE326D, was a Leyland PSU3/3RT Leopard with a Plaxton Panorama C49F body which was seen leaving Victoria Coach Station via the exit to Ebury Street which replaced the earlier one into Semley Place.
Photo taken Saturday 25 March 1967, London Victoria Coach Station
61. FHE336D
Yorkshire Traction 620, FHE336D, seen in Waterdale, Doncaster was a Leyland PDR1/2 Atlantean with a Northern Counties H42/33F body.
Photo taken Sunday 30 July 1967, Waterdale, Doncaster
62. GVH214D
The remains of Yorkshire Traction Leyland Leopards 398, GVH214D, and 368, CHE300C.
Photo taken c.1977, Barnsley
63. KWW109D
Yorkshire Traction 20, KWW109D, a 1966 Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R with Duple bodywork. This coach was originally 109 in the Mexborough & Swinton fleet which was absorbed by Yorkshire Traction in 1969.
Photo taken 1974, Leeds Central Bus Station
64. HCD357E
Yorkshire Traction T2, HCD357E, is a former Southdown Leyland PD3 in use as a driver training vehicle. Yorkshire Traction had at least one other T6 HCD363E which already appears on the site.
Photo taken 1980, Yorkshire Traction Depot, Barnsley
65. HCD363E
This Leyland Titan PD3 with Northern Counties bodywork was new to Southdown as their 363 HCD363E in 1967. It is seen in use as a driver trainer with Yorkshire Traction
Photo taken Tuesday 10 June 1980, Huddersfield
66. JHE631E
A rear view of newly delivered Yorkshire Traction 631, JHE631E, a Leyland PDR1/2 Atlantean with a Northern Counties H42/33F body in Barnsley Bus Station, shortly after delivery.
Photo taken Monday 3 April 1967, Barnsley Bus Station
67. JHE633E
Newly delivered Yorkshire Traction 633, JHE633E, a Leyland PDR1/2 Atlantean with a Northern Counties H42/33F body, one of twelve new in April 1967, is discussed and admired by staff in Barnsley Bus Station.
Photo taken Monday 3 April 1967, Barnsley Bus Station
68. NHE10F
Malta Bus Y-0479, a Leyland Leopard PSU4/4R with Marshall B45F body. New to Yorkshire Traction (510) in 1968 it passed to Calderdale J.O.C as its 360 in 1971. It was withdrawn after being damaged in a collision in 1980 and sold to a breaker who resold it for export to Malta. Its new owner, E. Falzan of Labbor rebuilt it and put it back into service later the same year registered A 2250M. It passed to M. Cutajar of Kirkop (reregistered A 2236M), and finally passed to a third owner, as shown here, as it rests in the midday sun at Valletta's Bus Station in between trips.
Photo taken April 1994, Valletta Bus Station, Malta
69. NHE10F
Malta EBY479, a Leyland Leopard PSU4/4R built in 1968 with Marshall B45F bodywork.
Photo taken Tuesday 17 May 2011, Valletta, Malta
70. RHE118G
Yorkshire Traction, Barnsley 118, RHE118G, a Leyland PSU4A/4R Leopard with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C41F body was seen in Victoria Coach Station.
Photo taken Saturday 5 June 1971, Victoria Coach Station, London
71. RHE226G
Yorkshire Traction built up a fleet of Alexander bodied Leyland Leopards for express services. Seen in Leeds is 226, RHE226G, a 1969 example seen wearing NBC local coach livery.
Photo taken Sunday 16 March 1975, Leeds Central Bus Station
72. RHE449G
Yorkshire Tracton 749, RHE449G, a 1969 Willowbrook H44/31F bodied Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 on the long Leeds-Wakefield-Barnsley-Sheffield service 67. The bus, one of four diverted from Devon General is being followed out of Wakefield Bus Station by sister vehicle 750 both still in Devon General livery.
Photo taken 1969, Wakefield Bus Station
73. RHE450G
Yorkshire Traction 750, RHE450G, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 built in 1969 with Willowbrook H44/31F bodywork, clearly illustrating Willowbrook's unmistakable front dome and below windscreen styling of the time.
Photo taken December 1970, Chester Street Bus Station, Bradford
74. RHE450G
Yorkshire Traction 750, RHE450G, a 1969 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with Willowbrook body. This was one of batch of 4 such buses that were diverted from a Devon General order and delivered in Devon General colours.
Photo taken Monday 15 October 1979, Barnsley
75. RHE450G
Yorkshire Traction 750, RHE450G, was one of four Leyland PDR1A/1s with Willowbrook H44/31F bodies which had been diverted from Devon General in March 1969. They had been intended to be Devon General 542-5, OTT542-5G and ran initially in Devon General livery before being repainted in 1970/1 into Yorkshire Traction livery.
Photo taken Tuesday 15 April 1969, Chester Street Bus Station, Bradford
76. RHE450G
In 1969 Yorkshire Traction received a quartet of Willowbrook bodied Leyland Atlanteans that were part of an order for Devon General. They were delivered in Devon General livery and placed in service in that condition by Yorkshire Traction. 750, RHE450G, leaves Leeds on the long distance Wakefield - Barnsley- Sheffield service some months after entering service.
Photo taken Saturday 19 July 1969, St Peters Street, Leeds
77. RHE450G
Yorkshire Traction 750, RHE450G, a 1969 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with a Willowbrook H44/31F body at the Bull Ring roundabout in Wakefield in 1969. It was one of a batch of four diverted from Devon General & was in Devon General livery. One of West Riding's ex Mexborough & Swinton Daimler Fleetlines can be seen at the far side of the roundabout
Photo taken 1969, Wakefield Bull Ring
78. WWU925G
Yorkshire Traction, Barnsley 699, WWU925G, was a Daimler CRG6LX Fleetline with a Northern Counties H44/33F body.
Photo taken Friday 13 April 1973, Pond Street Bus Station, Sheffield
79. WHE352J
Preserved Yorkshire Traction 352, WHE352J, Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4R with Willowbrook bodywork new in 1970.
Photo taken Sunday 9 September 2007, Meadowhall Rally, Sheffield
80. WHE363J
Yorkshire Traction 363, WHE363J, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX with Alexander W-type B45D body, new in 1970.
Photo taken early 1971, Lord Street, Huddersfield
81. XHE752J
Yorkshire Traction 752, XHE752J, a 1971 Daimler Fleetline with Park Royal body. 752 one of a trio of similar vehicles that YTC received as a result of the ending of the Sheffield-British Rail JOC agreement.
Photo taken 1974
82. CHE529K
Yorkshire Traction 529, CHE529K, leaving Halifax old bus station on the erstwhile express X68 service to Sheffield. 529 was a Leyland Leopard PSU4B/4R with Marshall body new in 1971/2. Although this service was supposed to be an express, the bus was always ready for its next "7-year" by the time it got back.
Photo taken Summer 1972, Crossfield Bus Station, Halifax
83. WHE523J
A pair of Yorkshire Traction Willowbrook-bodied Leyland Leopards. On the left is 523 (WHE523J), a PSU4A/4R with B45F body, new in 1971. In the centre is 300 (XHE233), a PSU3/3R with B54F body, new in 1962 as 1233. To the right is Hebble 61 (MHD771L) a PSU3B/4R with Plaxton Panorama Elite III C47F body, new in 1973.
Photo taken 1973, off Eldon Street, Barnsley
84. YHE234J
Yorkshire Traction 234, YHE234J, a 1971 Leyland Leopard with Alexander Y type body. When photographed in Barnsley in 1979 the bus was sporting a modified front dash panal which radically altered its appearance.
Photo taken Monday 15 October 1979, Barnsley Bus Station
85. CHE536K
Preserved Yorkshire Traction 536, CHE536K, a 1972 Leyland Leopard with Marshall body.
Photo taken Sunday 6 November 2016, opposite LVVS Lincoln