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York Pullman
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1. JDN668
York Pullman 64, JDN668, a 1954 AEC Regent III with classically proportioned Roe bodywork
Photo taken Saturday 8 August 1998, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate Stray
2. JDN668
Preserved York Pullman 64, JDN668, a March 1954 A.E.C. 6812A Regent III with a Roe H33/25RD body, is seen on its way to Harrogate on the Trans-Pennine Rally, climbing New Bank in Halifax.
Photo taken Sunday 6 August 1972, New Bank, Halifax
3. JDN668
Preserved York Pullman 64, JDN668, a 1954 A.E.C. 6812A Regent III with a Roe H33/25RD body.
Photo taken November 1995, Ingrow Station, Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
4. JDN669
Seen in York, outside the De Grey Rooms is York Pullman, York 65, JDN669, the last of three A.E.C. 6812A Regent IIIs with Roe H33/25RD bodies new in March 1954.
Photo taken Tuesday 18 April 1972, St Leonards Place, York
5. JVY516
York Pullman AEC Regal III 66, JVY516, a 1954 example with bodywork by Barnaby. This was amongst the last bodies built by Barnaby as they ceased production in the mid fifties.
Photo taken Sunday 27 March 2005, Brough
6. MDN448
York Pullman 68, MDN448, an AEC Reliance MU3RV with Roe Dalesman C41C body, new in 1956. It was converted to DP41F for OMO use in 1965
7. 9677DN
York Pullman 77, 9677DN, an AEC Regent V 2MD3RA with Roe H37/28RD bodywork new in 1964 leaves its stop in Exhibition Square and pulls out into the late-afternoon traffic for the run up the A19 to Skelton. The second of two Regent Vs - the other was 71 of 1957 - 77 was withdrawn in 1979, the last of York Pullman's rear entrance 'deckers.
Photo taken mid 1970s, Exhibition Square, York
8. BDN499K
York Pullman, York 99, BDN499K, seen outside the De Grey Rooms in York, is ready to deliver the evening papers to the newsagents along the route to Helperby. It was a Bedford YRQ with a Plaxton Derwent II B49F body. 
Photo taken Tuesday 18 April 1972, St Leonards Place, York
9. XVY198J
Malta route bus Y-0351, a Bedford YRQ built in 1971 with Plaxton Panorama Elite II C45F bodywork. Operated by Nazzareno Caruana, Zabbar, this had been new as York Pullman 98, registered XVY198J. It was beginning to acquire Maltese livery flourishes whilst it was losing trim.
Photo taken 1993, Valletta bus station
10. DDN403K
York Pullman 103, DDN403K was a 1972 Bedford YRQ with Plaxton C45F bodywork which operated for Pullman between 1972 and 1975.
Photo taken c.1975, Exhibition Square, York
11. EVY696L
York Pullman 96, EVY696L, was a 1972 Daimler CRG6LX with Roe H44/33F bodywork. It was withdrawn in 1985.
Photo taken c.1973, Church Road, Stamford Bridge
12. EVY696L
York Pullman bought a number of Roe bodied Daimler Fleetlines for stage carriage work. The solitary vehicle bought in 1972 was numbered 96 EVY696L.
Photo taken Monday 24 March 1975, Exhibiton Square, York