SCT '61 Photo Index
Stonier of Goldenhill, Staffs

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1. KVA511
Stonier, Goldenhill, 8, KVA511, a Leyland Titan PD2/12 built in 1954 with Leyland H30/26R bodywork. This had been new to Hutchison of Overtown, Lanarkshire.
Photo taken May 1968, Bus Station, Hanley
2. RRR105
Stonier 15, RRR105, a Leyland Titan PD2/20 built 1955 with Metro-Cammell L27/28RD bodywork
Photo taken May 1968, Hanley Bus Station
3. 556DUA
Stoniers became part of the Berresford's operation in 1978 but is kept as a separate entity. 556DUA is one of a pair of ex Wallace Arnold vehicles, in this case from the Kippax Omnibus operation, a Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with Roe H41/32RD bodywork.
Photo taken Saturday 12 May 1973, Hanley Bus Station
4. 961GBF
Stonier's PD3 5, 961GBF, a Leyland PD3/4 with Massey H41/31F body new in September 1962 on the route to Bentilee.
Photo taken Hanley Bus Station
5. 115GAX
Stonier of Goldenhill was one of the Potteries independents who survived into the 1970s. 115GAX was 1963 Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R with Willowbrook bodywork that originated in the fleet of Jones of Aberbeeg. It was numbered 9 in the Stonier fleet.
Photo taken Saturday 15 October 1977, Albany Street, Stoke on Trent
6. 115GAX
Stoniers 115GAX was a Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R new with Willowbrook DP51F bodywork, but it looks to have later been fitted with bus seats. It was purchased from Jones, Aberbeeg in 1966.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1981, Stoniers Depot, Tunstall
7. 909EUM
When Wallace Arnold sold it stage carriage subsiduaries to Leeds in 1969, no vehicles were involved in the deal. 909EUM, a 1963 Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with smart Roe bodywork, went from Farsley Omnibus to Stonier of New Chapel in Staffordshire and is seen in Stoke on Trent in 1977.
Photo taken 1977, Hanley Bus Station, Stoke-on-Trent
8. 909EUM
The second of a pair of Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with Roe H41/32RD bodywork, 909EUM came to Stoniers from Hardwicks Services of Scarborough. Seen at Hanley bus station with a full and standing load in an undated picture from the Wimborne Railway Society archive.
Photo taken 1980, Hanley Bus Station
9. AEL172B
One of the trio of ex Bournemouth Leyland Atlantean's purchased by Berresfords came to the associated Stoniers operation. Former Bournemouth 172, AEL172B, a Weymann H43/32F bodied PDR1/1 is seen at Tunstall in May 1981
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1981, Stoniers Depot, Tunstall
10. KRE266B
Stoniers 11, KRE266B, was purchased from Turners of Brown Edge in 1972. This Leyland Titan PD2/37 with Massey H37/27F bodywork is seen at Stoniers Goldenhill premises in May 1977.
Photo taken May 1977, Stoniers Garage, Goldenhill
11. DAU422C
Stoniers purchased DAU422C from Nottingham in 1977, just prior to the takeover by Berresfords. This Leyland Atlantean PDR1/2 with Northern Counties H44/33F bodywork is seen leaving Hanley bus station in 1980.
Photo taken 1980, Hanley Bus Station
12. SWT704F
Former demonstrator AEC Swift MP2R with Willowbrook B53F body SWT704F came to Stoniers from WR&P Bingley of Kinsley in 1975. Seen at Stoniers Goldenhill depot in May 1977.
Photo taken May 1977, Stoniers Garage, Goldenhill
13. ETJ125F
Lancashire United 242, ETJ125F, a 1968 Leyland Tiger Cub/Marshall B40D, one of LUT's eclectic collection of 1960s single-deckers on hire to Stoniers of Goldenhill.
Photo taken Saturday 29 December 1979, Old Hall Street, Hanley
14. ETJ127F
From what I can ascertain, Lancashire United 244 ETJ127F was only on loan to Stoniers when we visited the Tunstall depot. This is a 1968 Leyland Tiger Cub/Marshall B40D.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1981, Stoniers Depot, Tunstall