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Booth & Fisher
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1. MNU689
Tillingbourne Valley ran this 1948 Bedford OB, MNU689, with Woodhall Nicholson B29F body acquired in January 1951 from Booth & Fisher, Halfway. It is seen in Guildford (Farnham Road) Bus Station on the Warren Road service.
Photo taken Saturday 14 June 1958, Farnham Road Bus Station, Guildford
2. NTB403
Seen at Booth & Fisher's Garage at Halfway was NTB403, a Guy Otter with an Alexander C29F body which had operated for Hulley, Baslow.
Photo taken Monday 15 April 1974, Halfway
3. WRA12
Booth & Fisher WRA12 is a 1955 AEC Monocoach with Park Royal bodywork. One of a pair, these buses had specially adapted low height bodywork to pass under railway bridges in the area. The bus is preserved at the South Yorkshire Transport Museum.
Photo taken 1996, Sheffield Bus Museum, Tinsley
4. WRA12
Booth and Fisher WRA12 was an example of that relatively rare beast, a Park Royal - AEC Monocoach MC3RV with 45 seat bodywork, new in 1955. It survived long enough to be taken over by South Yorkshire PTE but had been withdrawn prior to the allocation of fleet numbers.
Photo taken Sunday 9 July 1978, Halfway Depot
5. 19DRA
Booth and Fisher 19DRA was a 1957 AEC Reliance MU3RV with Park Royal B45F bodywork. Seen at Halfway Depot after withdrawal with a PTE interloper alongside, this vehicle was never allocated a PTE fleet number.
Photo taken Sunday 9 July 1978, Halfway Depot
6. 19DRA
Booth & Fisher, Halfway, 19DRA, an A E C Reliance MU3RV built in 1957 with Park Royal B45F bodywork.
Photo taken Garage at Halfway
7. 612JPU
Former Eastern National Bristol SC 446, 612JPU, new in 1957 and seen here with Booth & Fisher sometime in the late 1960s.
Photo taken 1960s
8. 518GRA
Booth & Fisher, Halfway 518GRA seen at Ascot was a Roe DP41F bodied AEC MU3RV Reliance new in May 1958.
Photo taken Saturday 21 June 1958, Ascot
9. 518GRA
DP or not DP that is the question. Booth and Fisher was operated as a separate subsidiary of South Yorkshire PTE from takeover in February 1976 until 1978 when PTE fleet numbers and colours started to appear. Withdrawn by that time was 518GRA a 1958 AEC Reliance MU3RV with Roe 41 seat bodywork. Originally classed as DP - with coach seats in an embelished bus shell incorporating roof lights, it had by this time received bus seats.
Photo taken Sunday 9 July 1978, Halfway Depot
10. 863KNU
Booth & Fisher Ltd. Halfway owned 863KNU, a Roe B41F bodied AEC Reliance (2MU3RV 2522) delivered in May 1959.
Photo taken Friday 20 April 1973, Depot, Halfway
11. 864KNO
864KNU was an A.E.C. 2MU3RV Reliance of Booth & Fisher, Halfway which had a Roe DP41F body and was seen at Ascot racecourse.
Photo taken Saturday 23 June 1962, Ascot
12. CEX494
Among the second hand Albion Nimbus' purchased by Booth and Fisher were five with Willowbrook 31 seat bodies from Great Yarmouth Corporation, CEX490-494. The last of that batch, CEX494, is seen at Halfway Depot in South Yorkshire PTE days.
Photo taken Sunday 9 July 1978, Halfway Depot
13. 363MRA
Among the Albion Nimbus units operated by Booth & Fisher Ltd. of Halfway, was this NS3N model, 363MRA, new in January 1960 with Willowbrook B31F bodywork.
Photo taken Monday 12 April 1971, Depot, Halfway
14. 364MRA
Booth and Fisher assembled a collection of ten Albion Nimbuses (or should that be Nimbii) with two examples coming new to the operator. One of that pair was 364MRA a NS3N model with Willowbrook B31F bodywork which survived long enough to become SYPTE number 1057. Alongside is sister 363MRA which outlived its twin by a short period.
Photo taken Sunday 9 July 1978, Halfway Depot
15. 537JTC
Booth and Fisher acquired 537JTC, a former 1960 demonstrator Albion Nimbus NS3 Willowbrook B31F from Barrie of Balloch in 1963. They went on to purchase identical vehicles both new and second hand.
Photo taken Sunday 9 July 1978, Halfway Depot
16. TUH7
Booth & Fisher Ltd. of Halfway operated an interesting assortment of single deckers. TUH7 was formerly Western Welsh No.7, and was an Albion Nimbus NS3N with Harrington DP30F body dating from 1960.
Photo taken Monday 12 April 1971, Depot, Halfway
17. TUH7
Former Western Welsh 7, TUH7, was a Harrington DP30F bodied Albion Nimbus, which entered service on 1 August 1960 and was one of a batch of 24 delivered between April and October of that year. It was withdrawn in March 1967 and sold to Booth & Fisher of Halfway, for whom it operated until 1975. Now preserved by Alan Dixon of Annfield Plain, it is seen at South Shields at the end of a rather damp Tees-Tyne Run.
Photo taken Sunday 1 June 2008, Bents Park
18. 336NKT
Booth and Fisher purchased a quartet of Weymann DP40F bodied AEC Reliance 2MU3RV from Maidstone and District. By this time, 336NKT had received its SYPTE fleet number, as 1087.
Photo taken Sunday 9 July 1978, Halfway Depot
19. RJX251
Former Halifax J.O.C. 251, RJX251, an Albion Nimbus NS3AN/Weymann B31F new in 1963. Withdrawn after only three years' service in the Summer of 1966, it passed to Booth & Fisher of Halfway, near Sheffield, having been repainted for them at Halifax. It is seen here at their depot in 1973. I believe there were some extremely low railway bridges in their territory and the prominant Halifax-specified destination box had been cut down - not very neatly - to allow for this.
Photo taken 1973, Booth & Fisher's Depot, Halfway
20. ARA534B
A quite rare coach in the fleet of Booth & Fisher ltd. of Halfway was this Harrington "Legionaire" C49F bodied Ford 676E new in July 1964, ARA534B.
Photo taken Friday 20 April 1973, Depot, Halfway
21. PWE713K
A more "run of the mill" coach with Booth & Fisher Ltd. of Halfway was PWE713K, an AEC Reliance (6MU4R 8101) with C51F Plaxton "Elite Express II" body dating from July 1972.
Photo taken Friday 20 April 1973, Depot, Halfway