SCT '61 Photo Index
Shamrock & Rambler
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1. GRU104
Brady (Brown Motor Services), Forest Green started in 1924 with a model T Ford and a later coach, GRU104, a Duple C29F bodied Bedford OB dating from 1947 which Brady acquired in May 1955 from Shamrock & Rambler, Bournemouth was seen at Horsham Carfax on the service to Ewhurst which operated daily except for Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
Photo taken Saturday 7 February 1959, Carfax, Horsham
2. KEL94
Preserved Shamrock & Rambler KEL94, a 1950 Bedford OB with Duple C29F. This vehicle was new as KEL95 but following reregistration and a spell in Ireland has become KEL94.
Photo taken Sunday 21 July 2013, Anstey Park, Alton
3. LLJ113
Redline Tours, St. Helier 12, J1543, a Bedford SB with a Duple Vega C33F body was acquired from Blue Eagle, St. Helier in January 1966.
Photo taken Monday 6 June 1966, Esplanade, St Helier
4. LRU5
Mitchell, Warnham LRU5 was a Bedford SB with a Gurney Nutting C35F body new in 1951, which had been acquired in January 1960 from Shamrock & Rambler, Bournemouth, and which was seen at Carfax in Horsham.
Photo taken Saturday 30 January 1960, Carfax, Horsham
5. LRU6
Malta Route Bus 2435 Y-0522, a Bedford SB built in 1951/2 with Gurney Nutting C35F bodywork, rebodied B36F in Malta by Debono in 1968.
Photo taken 1993, Valletta Bus Station
6. WLJ956
Shamrock and Rambler of Bournemouth WLJ956, an Albion Aberdonian with Harrington C41F body, operating a Royal Blue service.
Photo taken Tuesday 11 August 1964, London Victoria Coach Station
7. 795COE
Shamrock & Rambler, Bournemouth 795COE was a Bedford SB8 with a Harrington Crusader II C41F body and had been new in January 1961 to Bowen, Birmingham.
Photo taken Saturday 15 June 1968, Yeovil Town Station
8. JEL848E
Shamrock & Rambler, Bournemouth JEL848E was a Bedford VAM14 with a Duple Viceroy C41F body and was new in February 1967.
Photo taken Saturday 26 June 1971, London Victoria Coach Station