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Wallasey Corporation
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In spite of its appearance, Wallasey 78 was built by Brush as late as 1920 and was the Corporation's last tram to enter service. It only operated until 1933 when their system closed.
Photo taken Saturday 25 July 2015, Woodside Ferry, Birkenhead
A view of two of the trams which operate in Birkenhead might be of interest, as the museum is receiving lots of publicity at the moment. Wallasey 78 and Liverpool 762 are standing in the lane near the depot before the ceremony for 245 took place.
Photo taken Saturday 12 September 2015, Birkenhead Transport Museum
3. HF7435
HF7435 was yet another AEC Regent with utility NCB body, obtained from Wallasey (their no.63), photographed leaving Fairfax Drive depot in July 1955. By this time it was probably in green livery but with Westcliff fleetname, although it does not appear to be carrying its 1954 Eastern National fleet number 1156.
Photo taken Saturday 16 July 1955, Fairfax Drive Depot, Southend
4. HF9126
Wallasey 74, HF9126, a Leyland TD7c was new in July 1940 with a Metro Cammell H28/26R body.
Photo taken Sunday 2 May 1971, Madeira Drive, Brighton
5. HF9126
A better photo than I managed last year of HF9126 which started life as Wallasey Corporation number 74 a 1940 Leyland TD7c with MCW bodywork and after withdrawal by the Corporation was used by Wallasey Police as a Mobile Command Centre. Photo taken at the West of England transport Collection open day
Photo taken Sunday 5 October 2014, Winkleigh
6. HF9126
HF9126, can anyone shed any light on this magnificent beast photographed through a wire mesh fence at the compound on Winkleigh airport adjacent to the West Of England Transport Collection
Photo taken Sunday 6 October 2013, Winkleigh
7. HF9576
Seen in Dumfries with Gibson, Moffat HF9576 was a Leyland PD1 with an M.C.C.W. H30/26R body which had been new to Wallasey Corporation in 1946.
Photo taken Tuesday 5 June 1962, Whitesands, Dumfries
8. AHF199
This grainy picture is of a Wallasey Corporation Leyland PD1 bus with Metro-Cammell body. Registration AHF199 (Fleet No 21). It was delivered new to Wallasey in 1948 and was withdrawn from service in 1961.
Photo taken August 1963, London Road, Manchester
9. AHF371
Leyland PD AHF371 is obviously ex-Wallasey, but who is it with in this photo? It is rather drunkenly parked at Lower Mosley Street, Manchester. It started life as Wallasey 33, a Leyland PD1 with Metro-Cammell H28/26R body new in 1948 and was withdrawn in 1961.
Photo taken Lower Mosley Street, Manchester
10. AHF837
The eleven years between these two Wallasey Leylands with Metro Cammell bodies represents their transformation from traditional 7ft 6in wide Titans of 5-bay construction to (then) ultra-modern Atlanteans. Seen after takeover by Merseyside PTE in December 1969 are 41, AHF837, a PD2/1 with H30/26R body of February 1951 and 19, HHF19, a PDR1/1 / H44/33F still in Corporation livery, penultimate of thirteen all new in March 1960.
Photo taken Saturday 13 February 1971, New Brighton Bus Station, Wirral, Cheshire
11. AHF837
Merseyside PTE 41, AHF837, a Leyland Titan PD2/1 bult in 1951 with Metro-Cammell H30/26R bodywork. Finely turned out in the new livery, this had been new to Wallasey Corporation as 41
Photo taken March 1970, Seacombe Ferry Terminal, Wallasey
12. AHF841
Merseyside P.T.E. (formerly Wallasey Corporation) - A collection of withdrawn Leyland Titan PD2/1's with Metro-Cammell H30/26R bodies from a batch originally comprising 24 vehicles. Identifiable are 45 & 42 (AHF841 & AHF838) in the foreground, and 40 (AHF836) in the background to the right.
Photo taken Sunday 2 August 1970, Wallasey Depot
13. AHF842
A recent comment was made on the rear lower deck "split" on some Wallasey PD2/1s. This view shows clearly that adverts for local attractions were displayed, this example on AHF842 (Wallasey 46).
Photo taken 1970, Bridge Street, Birkenhead
14. AHF849
Wallasey 53, AHF849, a Leyland PD2/1 with a Metro Cammell H30/26R body, one of twenty-four new in 1951, is seen at the garage on an Omnibus Touring Circle weekend visit.
Photo taken Saturday 9 September 1967, Wallasey
15. AHF850
Preserved Wallasey Corporation 54, AHF850, a Leyland PD2/1 with Metro Cammell H30/26R body, new in 1951
Photo taken Saturday 25 June 2011, Kelsall
16. AHF850
Preserved Wallasey Corporation 54, AHF850, a Leyland PD2/1 with Metro Cammell H30/26R body, new in 1951
Photo taken Monday 2 May 1988, Port Sunlight
17. AHF850
Recent discussion regarding Wallasey's unusual rear window layout and extra rear light prompted me to submit this photo I took at the 2014 Wirral Tram and Bus Rally. Preserved Birkenhead 105, BG9225, a Massey-bodied PD1, and Wallasey 54, AHF850, the Metro Cammell-bodied PD2/1 make an interesting comparison.
Photo taken Sunday 5 October 2014, Birkenhead
18. BHF54
Wallasey 68, BHF54, seen on an Omnibus Touring Circle weekend visit was a Leyland PD2/12 with a Weymann H30/26R body, and was from the first batch of 8' 0" wide buses in the fleet, new in late 1951.
Photo taken Saturday 9 September 1967, Wallasey
19. BHF495
Merseyside PTE 76, BHF495, a Leyland Titan PD2/12 built in 1952 with Weymann H30/26R bodywork. Still in Wallasey livery but minus coat-of-arms, the paintwork being almost luminous on a very gloomy day.
Photo taken March 1970, Seacombe Ferry Terminal, Wallasey
20. EHF392
Wallasey 43, EHF392, was seen on an Omnibus Touring Circle weekend visit, and was a Leyland PD2/10 which had been new in 1957, as number 8, with the 1948 Burlingham C29F body from 8, HF5250, a Leyland TD4c which had been new in 1936 with an English Electric H27/21D body, and which had been fitted with the Burlingham coach body in 1947.
Photo taken Saturday 9 September 1967, Wallasey
21. FHF451
Wallasey Corporation Motors placed the first production Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 in service in 1958. Fifty years later the bus is now preserved. 1, FHF451, carries Metro Cammell bodywork.
Photo taken 1993, Heart of the Pennines Rally, Halifax
22. FHF451
In this instance I suspect one can actually say that the back end of the bus is more interesting than the front. The first production Atlantean in service, FHF451, has long been restored as Wallasey 1 in the unique sea green and cream livery with vintage style of fleetname (since 1983 I believe). In the fine sunshine that blessed the Greater Manchester Transport Society's 2014 event at Heaton Park I couldn't resist a shot which shows the very early style of single piece bonnet fitted to the first Atlanteans. You can't help but notice the huge rear route display!
Photo taken Sunday 7 September 2014, Heaton Park, Manchester
23. FHF451
Wallasey 1, FHF451, like the rest of the fleet, became part of Merseyside PTE when that was formed on 1st December 1969.
Photo taken Sunday 2 August 1981, Trans-Pennine Rally, Knaresborough Road Stray, Harrogate
24. FHF451
Wallasey 1, FHF451, an Metro Cammell/Atlantean, proudly carries its original distinctive livery as it takes part in the 2014 Wirral Tram and Bus Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 5 October 2014, Shore Road, Birkenhead
25. FHF451
Wallasey No 1, FHF451, is positively dwarfed by the offices and ventilation tower of the Mersey Tunnel authority, operating as part of the Merseyside running day.
Photo taken Sunday 13 September 2015, Mann Island/George's Dockway, Liverpo
26. FHF453
Merseyside PTE (Wirral Division) 203 & 205 (FHF453 & FHF455), Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1's with Metro-Cammell H44/33F bodies, new to Wallasey Corporation (as 3 & 5) in 1959.
Photo taken Sunday 2 August 1970, Wallasey Depot
27. FHF456
FHF456 is ex Wallasey Corporation 6 and MPTE 206 - in service from 1959 to 1973 - a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Metro Cammell body,which later was converted into a mobile clothes store before being preserved.
Photo taken Sunday 7 October 2018, Shore Road, Birkenhead
28. FHF953
Wallasey crest on Atlantean 3.
29. HHF10
In the summer of 1976 or 1977, the sole Atlantean owned by Burwell & District - ex Wallasey Metro-Cammell bodied HHF10 looks out from the their garage in the village as ex Leicester AEC Renown/East Lancs FJF43D receives attention requiring the use of a stepladder. Peering out of the gloom in the garage is ex SWT AEC Regent V/Willowbrook YCY803.
Photo taken Summer 1976, Burwell Garage
30. HHF15
Wallasey Corporation 15, HHF15, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 built in 1960 with Metro Cammell H44/33F body.
Photo taken 1962, Seacombe Ferry Terminal
31. JHF821
JHF821 is a 1961 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Metro-Cammell H44/33F bodywork new to Wallasey Corporation, fleet number 21.
Photo taken Sunday 30 July 1978, Eynons Depot, off Heol Waun Y Clun, Trimsaran
32. JHF823
Wallasey buses often had long lives and were rarely sold for further service. One escapee was 1961 Leyland Atlantean 23, JHF823. It is seen in Leeds after sale to Independent of Horsforth.
Photo taken 1977, Wellington Road, New Wortley, Leeds
33. LHF32
Merseyside P.T.E. (Wallasey) 32, LHF32, an Albion Nimbus NS3N with Strachan DP31F body, new to Wallasey Corporation in 1962.
Photo taken Sunday 2 August 1970, MPTE Wallasey Depot
34. LHF32
Wallasey 32, LHF32, an Albion NS3AN Nimbus with a Strachans DP31F body, the second of four new in November/December 1962, was seen on an Omnibus Touring Circle weekend visit.
Photo taken Saturday 9 September 1967, Wallasey
35. LHF34
Merseyside PTE 34, LHF34, a Albion Nimbus NS3AN built in 1962 with Strachan DP31F bodywork.
Photo taken September 1971, Liscard Road, Liscard