SCT '61 Photo Index
Vines, Great Bromley
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1. ECX420
Three former Huddersfield AEC 'Regent' III/Northern Coachbuilders L29/26R of 1949 vintage re-united at the premises of Ponds of Nazeing, Essex in June 1965. ECX423 (left) and ECX422 (right) are in the Ponds fleet and retain Huddersfield's red livery while ECX420 (centre) in the Vine of Great Bromley fleet carried a maroon, grey and cream livery
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 1965, Nazeing, Essex
2. ECX420
In the middle is an AEC Regent III with Northern Coachbuilders L55R body, ECX420, which started life with the Huddersfield Joint Committee and passed in 1963 into the small fleet of Vines of Great Bromley. It was in turn sold later in the year this picture was taken to Silver City of Harlow.
Photo taken Saturday 17 April 1965, Colchester Bus Station
3. ECX420
Vine of Great Bromley, Essex, ECX420, a former Huddersfield 1949 AEC 'Regent' III with Northern Coachbuilders L29/26R bodywork seen at Hertford bus station in June 1965
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 1965, Hertford Bus Station
4. ECX420
Two former Huddersfield AEC Regent IIIs with Northern Coachbuilders L27/28R bodies dating from 1949 seen with Essex operators: smartly turned out ECX420 with Vine's, Gt Bromley with ECX423 of Pond's, Nazeing, in adapted Huddersfield livery. (Pond's also had ECX422).
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 1965
5. NUO683
NUO683 was an A.E.C. 9822S Regal IV with a Willowbrook C41F body, one of twelve new in 1953 to Devon General, this one being TCR683. It passed to Greenslades, Exeter in June 1961 and to Vines, Great Bromley in November 1964 and is seen in the bus station in Colchester.
Photo taken February 1966, Colchester Bus Station