SCT '61 Photo Index
Stevensons of Uttoxeter
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1. RF8719
Stevensons 21, RF8719, a Morris Dictator new in July 1931 with a Burlingham C32R body. Rebuilt in 1948 and fitted with a Leyland radiator, withdrawn in December 1952
Photo taken November 1949
2. FON326
Stevenson, Spath 19, FON326, seen in the Wetmore Road bus park in Burton-upon-Trent, was a Leyland TD7 with a Leyland H30/26R body which had been new as Birmingham 1326 in 1942. It was acquired in July 1954 and was withdrawn in June 1964 when it passed to Moseley (dealer), Loughborough and was scrapped.
Photo taken Friday 2 October 1959, Wetmore Road Bus Park, Burton
3. FA8424
Photographed at the Spath, Uttoxeter garage, Stevenson, Spath 7, FA8424, was a Guy Arab III with a Brush B34F body new in 1946 as Burton 39, which had been acquired in April 1954.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1964, Spath
4. MRE391
This Guy Arab III, MRE391, with a Santus C33F body was new to Stevenson, Spath in October 1946 as number 18. Photographed at the Spath, Uttoxeter garage, it was not traced further after withdrawal in October 1965.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1964, Spath
5. HLW203
On a "dreich" Sunday at a deserted Uttoxeter Market Place, ex London Transport, RT216, HLW203, Stevenson's 10 rests between duties.
Photo taken August 1968, Uttoxeter Market Place
6. KGK724
Stevenson, Spath 14, KGK724, was an A.E.C. 0961 Regent III with a Cravens H30/26R body, ex- London Transport Executive RT1465 in March 1957.
Photo taken Sunday 14 July 1963, Horninglow Street, Burton
7. KGK725
Stevenson, Spath 23, KGK725, an A.E.C. 0961 Regent III with a Cravens H30/26R body, which had been new to London Transport Executive in 1949 as RT1466, was one of two acquired in April 1957.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1964, Spath
8. KGU216
Stevenson of Uttoxeter ex London RTL270, KGU216, a 1949 Leyland Titan with Park Royal body and LYF65 a similar bus from 1951 formerly RTL1141 flank former RTW178, KLB908, an eight foot wide RTW with Leyland body of 1949.
Photo taken 1976, Uttoxeter Garage
9. KGU69
Stevensons of Uttoxeter 15, KGU69, was former London Transport RTL619.
Photo taken 1966, Uttoxeter Market Place
10. KLB908
Preserved Stevensons Leyland KLB908, originally London Transport RTW178, new in 1949.
Photo taken Sunday 24 July 2011, Duffield Station
11. KLB908
Former London Transport RTW178, KLB908, new in 1949, passed to Stevensons of Uttoxeter in 1965 in whose livery it has been preserved.
Photo taken Sunday 19 July 2009, Alton
12. GAY171
Stevenson of Uttoxeter 21, GAY171, a 1950 Leyland Tiger PS1 with Willowbrook body originally in the fleet of Leicester independent Alen of Mountsorrel.
Photo taken 1976, Uttoxeter Garage
13. KLB908
Ex London Leyland RTW178, KLB908, after withdrawal by Stevensons, parked after being collected from outside Ashby for a new owner, with Derek's trade plates up.
Photo taken Sunday 31 March 1996, Market Street, Ashby de la Zouch
14. KLB908
Preserved Stevensons of Uttoxeter KLB908, ex-London Transport RTW178. New in December 1949, it was sold via Birds of Stratford Avon to Stevensons in 1965 who fitted platform doors and ran it until 1975. One claim is that it was the last RTW in public service.
Photo taken Sunday 3 October 1982, Leicester City Transport Abbey Park Depot
15. KUE950
Seen in Uttoxeter is Stevenson, Spath 30, KUE950, which was an A.E.C. 9821E Regal IV with a Burlingham B44F new in 1951 which had been acquired from its original operator, DeLuxe, Mancetter, in November 1961.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1964, Uttoxeter Market Place
16. EHE160
Stevensons of Uttoxeter EHE160 in use as a tree lopper and store, a former Yorkshire Traction Leyland Royal Tiger with Roe bodywork, fleet number 959, one of six bought in 1952.
Photo taken 1976, Uttoxeter Garage
17. RVM37
Stevenson, Spath RVM37 was a Daimler D650HS Freeline with a Duple Elizabethan C41C body seen at their garage.
Photo taken Sunday 16 July 1967
18. RWT613
Stevenson, Spath 1, RWT613, was a Guy Arab UF with a Burlingham B44F body new in 1956 to Morgan, Armthorpe. It was acquired in January 1964 and is seen in Uttoxeter.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1964, Uttoxeter Market Place
19. 564FTF
Former Lancashire United Transport 647, 564FTF, a Leyland Titan PD3/4 with Metro Cammell H41/32R body, new in 1958 and latterly with Stevenson's of Uttoxeter.
Photo taken early 1980s, Burscough
20. 3908WE
Stevensons of Uttoxeter 23, 3908WE, a Leyland PD3/1 with Roe body, ex-Sheffield 908, new in June 1959
Photo taken early 1970s, Wetmore Bus Park, Burton
21. 3908WE
Stevensons 23, 3908WE, a former Sheffield City Transport Leyland Titan PD3/1 with Roe body dating from 1959. It was numbered 908 in the Sheffield fleet.
Photo taken 1976, Uttoxeter Bus Station
22. WCD72
Stevenson, Uttoxeter, 24 WCD72, a Leyland Titan PD2/37 built in 1959 with Weymann H33/28R bodywork. This had been new as Brighton 72 but had been withdrawn by Stevenson when photographed.
Photo taken June 1981, Spath Depot
23. 6349WJ
Stevenson of Uttoxeter ex Sheffield AEC Regent V with Roe body 6349WJ, formerly Sheffield JOC 1349.
Photo taken 1976, Uttoxeter Garage
24. 204BTP
Stevenson, Uttoxeter, 14, 204BTP, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 built in 1963 with Metro-Cammell H43/33F bodywork. This had been new as Portsmouth Corporation 204.
Photo taken November 1977, Wetmore Bus Park, Burton
25. 217BTP
Stevenson, Spath, 7, 217BTP, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 built in 1963 with Metro-Cammell H43/33F bodywork.
Photo taken November 1977, Burton Bus Station
26. 6MPT
Stevenson, Spath, 18, 6MPT, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R built in 1963 with Plaxton Highway B55F bodywork.
Photo taken April 1979, Burton Bus Station
27. 6MPT
Seen in Burton upon Trent is Stevensons of Uttoxeter 18, 6MPT, a 1964 Leyland Leopard with Plaxton bodywork that was originally in the fleet of Stanhope /Weardale of Stanhope in County Durham.
Photo taken Saturday 17 October 1981, Wetmore Bus Park, Burton
28. PCW945
Seen at the Uttoxeter depot of Stevenson of Uttoxeter is a PD2 converted to a service vehicle, probably a combined towing vehicle and tree lopper. It does not appear to carry any identity, so presumably operated on trade plates.
Photo taken Uttoxeter Garage
29. RCN699
Northern General Routemaster RCN699, originally 2099 and later 3083, a 1964 example with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork. Sold by Northern to Wombwell Diesels, near Rotherham in November 1980, it passed to Stevensons of Uttoxeter Ltd Spath, in January 1981, as their No. 28.
Photo taken Sunday 26 July 1981, Sandtoft Transport Centre, Doncaster
30. DGE339C
Stevenson of Uttoxeter, 11 DGE339C, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 built in 1965 with Alexander A H44/34F bodywork. New as LA302 with Glasgow, this was heading to Uttoxeter via Tutbury when photographed at Burton.
Photo taken November 1977, Burton upon Trent Bus Station
31. FVO434D
Stevenson, Spath, 28A, FVO434D, Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R built in 1966 with Weymann B53F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1981, Stevenson's depot at Spath
32. PAX466F
PAX466F is seen in Stevenson's livery with driver training, a Leyland PD3 now preserved by the Cardiff Transport preservation group. It was new to Bedwas and Machen in 1967, said to be the last lowbridge bus built.
Photo taken 1989, Common Road, Church Gresley
33. OKM146G
Stevensons of Uttoxeter 30, OKM146G, Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 built in 1968 with Massey H43/31F bodywork. This had been new as Maidstone BC 46.
Photo taken August 1980, Burton on Trent Bus Station
34. PAX466F
A rear view of two preserved former Stevenson's vehicles. On the left is former PAX466F, a Leyland Titan PD3/4 with Massey L35/33RD body, new in 1968 to Bedwas & Machen UDC as no. 6. On the right is RCN699, an AEC Routemaster 3R2RH with Park Royal H41/31F body, new in 1964 to Northern General as 2099.
Photo taken Sunday 31 July 1983, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
35. BTX540J
Stevensons of Uttoxeter, 48 BTX540J, aBristol VRTSL6G built in 1971 with Northern Counties H44/33F bodywork. This had been new as Gelligaer UDC 40.
Photo taken August 1983, Derby Bus Station parking area
36. JGF196K
Stevensons of Uttoxeter, 45 JGF196K, a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB built in 1971 with Park Royal H44/29F bodywork. Formerly London Transport DMS196, it had been withdrawn just before it was 8 years old.
Photo taken August 1981, Uttoxeter Bus Station
37. MLH315L
Stevenson. Spath, 44 MLH315L, a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB built in 1972 with MCW H44/29F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1984, Burton upon Trent
38. XNE882L
Stevenson, Spath, 62 XNE882L, a Leyland Leopard PSU3B/4R built in 1973 with Plaxton Panorama Elite II C49F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1989, Burton upon Trent
39. UVT49X
Stevensons UVT49X, Bristol VR / ECW with coach seats, new in October 1981.
Photo taken October 1981, Eastern Coach Works, Lowestoft