SCT '61 Photo Index
Another Northern General subsiduary

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1. GTY169
Leyland PD2/12 GTY169, new in 1954, with a Metro-Cammell H32/26R body had been acquired by Ledgard, Armley from Tyneside 39 in September 1966 and is seen leaving Otley Garage.
Photo taken Saturday 7 October 1967, Otley Garage
2. GTY175
Northern DT2, GTY175, was a former Tyneside Leyland PD2/12 with an Metro Cammell body, new in 1954, still sporting its green livery.
Photo taken Tuesday 11 April 1972, Dundas Street, Sunderland
3. NNL48
Tyneside 48, NNL48, a Leyland PD3/4 with Metro Cammell Orion H41/32R body, one of three PD3s received by Tyneside in 1958, fleet numbers 48 to 50.
Photo taken 1962, Borough Road, North Shields
4. BTY51B
Tyneside 51, BTY151B, a Leyland PDR1/1 with Weymann H43/32F body, new in 1964.
Photo taken Saturday 5 August 1967, Borough Road, North Shields
5. RJR62G
Tyneside (part of the Northern General group) 62, RJR62G, was a Leyland Panther with a Marshall Camair body of 1969.
Photo taken 1969, Borough Road, North Shields
6. ETY91L
"Lancashire's Got The Lot" but obviously not ex-Tyneside Daimler Fleetline ETY91L with ECW body which had been given permission to park in George Square.
Photo taken Tuesday 14 May 1985, George Square, Glasgow