SCT '61 Photo Index
South Wales
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1. WN7754
Wooliscroft (Silver Service), Darley Dale 8, WN7754, was a Leyland TS7 fitted with a Willowbrook DP35F body dating from 1949.
Photo taken Saturday 3 October 1959, Matlock Bus Station
2. FWN807
FWN807, a AEC Regal III with Willowbrook B34F body, built in 1949 for South Wales (fleet number 113) and sold to W.C.French in 1961 and RC4625, an AEC Regent with post-war Willowbrook L55R body, ex-Trent new in 1937.
Photo taken Saturday 21 March 1964, Seaway Car Park, Southend
3. FWN820
New in 1949 to South Wales as 820, FWN820, this AEC Regal III with Willowbrook B34F body passed to Llynfi, Maesteg 83 in February 1961.
Photo taken Saturday 6 September 1969, Rugby Club, Maesteg
4. FTH840
South Wales 31, FTH840, was one of six AEC Regal III buses with Bruce B35F bodywork.
Photo taken Tuesday 14 August 1962, Murray Street, Llanelly
5. MCY407
South Wales 447, MCY407, a 1955 AEC Regent V MD3RV with Weymann body.
Photo taken c.1995, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
6. MCY407
New in 1955 as South Wales Transport 447, this Weymann H33/26RD bodied AEC Regent V MD3RV MCY407 passed to Whippet, Hilton, & finally to Charlton on Otmoor Services in November 1968, where it is seen here.
Photo taken Monday 29 March 1971, High Street, Charlton-on-Otmoor
7. NCY453
Ledgard, Leeds NCY453 was an A.E.C. MD3RV Regent V with a Weymann H33/28R body ex South Wales 462 in February 1967. It is seen here in Park Place, Leeds waiting until it is time to move round to the stop in King Street to start the journey to Ilkley via Guiseley.
Photo taken Saturday 7 October 1967, Park Place, Leeds
8. NCY626
Preserved former South Wales 1032, NCY626, an AEC Reliance with Weymann C37F body, built in 1956.
Photo taken Sunday 18 July 2004, Watercress Line Rally, Alton
9. NCY626
1956 South Wales AEC Reliance with Weymann Fanfare C37F body, 1032, NCY626, close to the Eastern National Booking Office in Pier Avenue, Clacton-on-Sea, on hire to Eastern National at the time. The coach has been preserved.
Photo taken Monday 18 May 1959, Clacton-on-Sea
10. NTH33
South Wales acquired NTH33 from James, Ammanford in 1962. It was a Leyland PD2/12 with Met-Cam L31/28RD body new in 1957.
Photo taken Sunday 7 September 1969, Ravenhill Depot, Swansea
11. OCY682
Taylor Woodrow OCY682, an AEC Regent V MD3RV built in 1957 with Willowbrook H32/28R bodywork.
Photo taken November 1970, Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station
12. PWN66
South Wales 1035, PWN66, a Weymann C37F bodied AEC Reliance, was new in 1958 and withdrawn the year after this picture was taken.
Photo taken Sunday 7 September 1969, Ravenhill Depot, Swansea
13. SWN997
South Wales 1038, SWN997, was an AEC 2MU3RV Reliance with Weymann C41F bodywork seen at Ebury Bridge awaiting the start of the the 1959 British Coach Rally.
Photo taken Saturday 18 April 1959, Ebury Bridge, near London Victoria Coach Station
14. TCY102
For use in the Llanelly dock area, South Wales bought two Roe B37F bodied AEC Regent Vs (33/4) with special low-height bodies in 1959 to replace ex Llanelly & District Traction Regals 20/1. 34, TCY102, is seen in Llanelly.
Photo taken Tuesday 14 August 1962, Station Road, Llanelly
15. UCY837
City, Upminster ran UCY837, an ex-South Wales AEC Bridgemaster as fleet number 507. New as South Wales 1203 in 1959 with a Park Royal H41/31R body it passed to P.V.S. (dlr), Canvey Island in 1969 and to City, Upminster in August 1969 along with four others (RCY 369/372, UCY 838/41).
Photo taken Sunday 12 October 1969, Scratchwood Services
16. WCY888
Yorkshire WD 158, WCY888, was an AEC Bridgemaster with a Park Royal H43/29F body dating from 1960. It was formerly South Wales 1208 and acquired in 1969 - one of many to cover a vehicle shortage - but was scrapped in 1973.
Photo taken 1970, Rishworth Road/Vicarage Road, Dewsbury
17. WCY888
Yorkshire WD 158, WCY888, was an AEC Bridgemaster with a Park Royal H43/29F body dating from 1960. It was formerly South Wales 1208 and acquired in 1969 to help cover a severe vehicle shortage.
Photo taken 1969, Church Street, Dewsbury
18. XCY797
At North's, the dealer, Sherburn-in-Elmet, a trio of former South Wales Transport AEC/PRV Bridgemaster 2B3RAs with Park Royal H43/29F bodies. YCY797 had been their 1217 (renumbered 876 in 1970) new in 1961 and had come to North's direct from SWT. XWN161 had been SWT's 1214 new in 1960 and had been exhibited at the 1960 Commercial Motor Show entering service in 1961, but had passed to Yorkshire Woollen as its 156 in 1969.
Photo taken July 1972, Premises of Norths, the dealer, Sherburn-in-Elmet
19. XWN161
Yorkshire Woollen District 156, XWN161, a 1961 Park Royal H43/29F bodied AEC Bridgemaster 2B3RA about to turn into Dewsbury Bus Station during October 1970. The bus had been new to South Wales Transport as it's 1214 & was acquired by Yorkshire with a few others in 1969 to help alleviate a vehicle shortage at the time.
Photo taken Oct 1970, Aldhams Road, Dewsbury
20. YCY799
South Wales 1219, YCY799, one of seven Park Royal H43/29F bodied AEC Bridgemasters new in 1961
Photo taken Sunday 7 September 1969, Ravenhill Depot, Swansea
21. 281DWN
South Wales 37, 281DWN, an AEC Regent V with Roe B37F body new in 1963. It was one of six with special low height bodywork for use in the Llanelly dock area replacing the six 1950 AEC Regal IIIs from Llanelly & District.
Photo taken Sunday 7 September 1969, Ravenhill Depot, Swansea
22. 281DWN
Bedlington & District, Ashington 281DWN was a rare bird, ex South Wales 257 (originally 37), an AEC Regent V 2D3RA with Roe B37F body new in 1963 and withdrawn sometime late in 1972.
Photo taken Thursday 5 April 1973, West Monkseaton Station, Northumberland
23. 282DWN
Who let that littl'un in here? Former South Wales Transport 38, 282DWN, is dwarfed by the massed ranks of second-hand (sometimes third or fourth-hand) RTs on a foggy day in Ashington. It was an AEC Regent V with low-height Roe B37F bodywork, one of eight similar vehicles purchased by SWT to operate principally on the routes in the New Dock area of Llanelli where some of the bridges have as little as 9' clearance.
Photo taken c.1973, Lintonville Terrace, Ashington
24. 282DWN
South Wales single-deck AEC Regent V 38, 282DWN, arriving at the 2015 Brislington rally. It is preserved at the Swansea Bus Museum.
Photo taken Sunday 9 August 2015
25. 306ECY
Former South Wales 884, 306ECY, was an AEC Renown with Park Royal H39/32F body, built in 1963. In 1975 it was bought by Black Prince, Morley, Leeds for local contract work.
Photo taken 1975, Asda supermarket, Morley, Leeds
26. 423HCY
A bus in service at Bristol Harbourside event was South Wales Transport 590, 423HCY, an AEC Regent V H39/32F dating from 1964
Photo taken Sunday 17 May 2015, Canons Way, Bristol
27. CCY983C
South Wales Transport 863, CCY983C, an AEC Regent V/Willowbrook H37/27F, numbered 613 when new in June 1965
Photo taken Saturday 20 May 1978, Blaen-y-Maes estate, Swansea
28. GWN867E
South Wales Transport 889, GWN867E an AEC Regent V/Willowbrook H37/27F, new as 639 in 1967.
Photo taken Friday 10 July 1981, Pennard Cliffs
29. KCY211E
South Wales Transport 501, KCY211E a 1967 Bristol RELH6G/ECW C47F originally United Welsh 53.
Photo taken Thursday 9 July 1981, Quadrant Bus Station, Swansea
30. UFM37F
South Wales Transport 503, UFM37F, a 1967 Bristol RELH6G/ECW C47F originally Crosville CRG37.
Photo taken Wednesday 30 March 1983, Blaen-y-Maes estate, Swansea
31. PWN978H
Then newly delivered, AEC Reliance 978, PWN978H, had a Marshall DP49F body on its AEC Reliance chassis.
Photo taken Sunday 7 September 1969, Ravenhill Depot, Swansea