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Sunderland Corporation
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Sunderland was a bastion of tram operation until the nineteen fifties operating many second hand cars. Car 16 dates originally from 1900 and was bought new. Over the years the tram was radically rebuilt until it achieved the shape and layout it has to day
Photo taken Sunday 7 April 2013, Beamish Open Air Museum Depot
Sunderland 16 is a regular performer at the Beamish Museum. The museum's popular and wide-ranging visitor attractions mean that Beamish can operate regular tram services every day and 16 makes a fine sight at the Town stop.
Photo taken Monday 7 December 2015, Beamish Museum
The Beamish Museum transport collection includes Sunderland Corporation Tramways No.16, which was built as an open-top tramcar by Dick, Kerr & Co., Preston, in 1900.
Photo taken Wednesday 24 August 2022, 24 August 2022
4. BR7132
My first ever visit to Amberley Heritage Museum (mainly to see the railway locomotives) also enabled me to see this 1929 Leyland Lion with Leyland B34F body which has been restored in its original Sunderland 2 livery. It carries the registration BR7132.
Photo taken Sunday 23 September 2018, Amberley Museum
Sunderland Corporation Tramways No. 1.
Photo taken 1938?, Sunderland
Sunderland No.100 tram body with an unidentified Bradford trolleybus behind
Photo taken Spring 1961, approach road to Thornbury Works, Bradford
Second shot of the body of Sunderland tram no 100, formerly MET 331
Photo taken Spring 1961, approach road to Thornbury Works, Bradford
Sunderland 4-wheel tram 86, built by the corporation entering service on 15 September 1932.
Photo taken Sunday 1 August 1954, Borough Road, Sunderland
Sunderland 100 in British Steel livery at Gateshead Garden Festival
Photo taken May 1990, Gateshead Garden Festival
Second shot of Sunderland 100 in British Steel livery
Photo taken May 1990, Gateshead Garden Festival
A closeup of the cab of Sunderland 100, showing the driver apparently seated
Photo taken May 1990, Gateshead Garden Festival
12. GR7742
Sunderland 238, GR7742, was a Guy Arab II from 1943, rebodied by Roe in 1954.
Photo taken 1972, Dundas Street, Sunderland
13. GR9007
Preserved ex-Sunderland Corporation 13, GR9007, Crossley DD42/3 with Crossley H30/26R body, new in 1947
Photo taken Sunday 16 September 2007, Duxford
14. GR9007
Rear view of preserved ex-Sunderland Corporation 13, GR9007, Crossley DD42/3 with Crossley H30/26R body, new in 1947
Photo taken Sunday 16 September 2007, Duxford
15. GR9007
Seen at the Clacton Transport Fair and Running Day is Sunderland Corporation Crossley 13, GR9007, carrying the usual massive “Shop at Binns” advert.
Photo taken Sunday 2 June 2013, Clacton Shopping Village
16. GR9007
Sunderland all Crossley DD42/3 13, GR9007, built 1947, one of the visiting vehicles in service at the Ipswich Transport Museum Winter Warmer event.
Photo taken Sunday 10 November 2013, Ipswich Transport Museum
17. GR9007
End of the day inside Sunderland Crossley 13, GR9007. In comparison with the stark brilliance of modern bus interiors the tungsten lighting gives a much warmer atmosphere (though once under way the effect of the open platform soon takes over!)
Photo taken Sunday 10 November 2013, Ipswich Transport Museum
18. DBR658
Sunderland 158, DBR658, a Daimler CVG5 built in 1954 with Roe H33/25R bodywork.
Photo taken April 1968, Union Street, Sunderland
19. HGR212
Sunderland 212, HGR212, a Daimler CVG5 built in 1957 with Roe H35/28R bodywork.
Photo taken September 1970, Brougham Street exit, Sunderland Central Bus Station
20. RGR38
Sunderland 38, RGR38, an AEC Reliance 2MU3RV built in 1961 with Willowbrook B41D bodywork.
Photo taken June 1969, Fawcett Street
21. UGR258
Sunderland Corporation 258, UGR258, a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX-30 built in 1963 with Roe H44/33F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1972, Dame Dorothy Street/North Bridge Street, Sunderland
22. WBR246
Preserved Sunderland 46, WBR246, one of the final batch of Atkinsons 46-48 soon after it was bought for preservation, still in Tyne and Wear PTE livery and carrying the PTE number 1846.
Photo taken January 1978, Greenfield, Saddleworth
23. WBR246
Sunderland 46, WBR246, is one of their Atkinson Alphas with a Marshall B45D body dating from 1963.
Photo taken Monday 25 June 2018, Keighley Bus Museum, Dalton Lane
24. WBR248
Sunderland Corporation 48, WBR248, one of three Atkinson Alphas with Marshall body bought in December 1963/January 1964.
Photo taken 1996, Huddersfield
25. WBR248
Former Sunderland Corporation 48, WBR248, an Atkinson Alpha PM746HL with Marshall B45D bodywork was new in January 1964. It is seen on display at the conclusion of the annual Tees-Tyne Run from Stockton to South Shields.
Photo taken c.2007, Bents Park, South Shields
26. DGR80D
Sunderland 280, DGR80D, a 1966 Daimler Fleetline with Sunderland designed Roe bodywork. The bus carries Tyne and Wear PTE livery
Photo taken 1974, Park Lane Bus Station, Sunderland
27. FBR53D
Former Sunderland Corporation 53, FBR53D, is a Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R with Strachans B47+19D bodywork which was new on 5 September 1966.
Photo taken Sunday 1 June 2008, Bents Park, South Shields
28. GBR88E
Former Sunderland Corporation Leyland Panther 88, GBR88E, new in 1967 with Strachans bodywork is seen in the yard of North the dealer after withdrawal by Tyne and Wear PTE in whose fleet it was 1888.
Photo taken 1980, North's Yard, Sherburn in Elmet
29. JBR100F
Burnley & Pendle 94, JBR100F, a Bristol RELL6G built in 1968 with MCW B47D bodywork. Acquired from Tyne & Wear, and still in their livery, but new as Sunderland Corporation 100.
Photo taken March 1978, Burnley Bus Station
30. JBR104F
Burnley & Pendle 99, JBR104F, a Bristol RELL6G built in 1968 with MCW B47D bodywork. New as Sunderland Corporation 104, this was one of a significant number of Bristols operating in Burnley.
Photo taken August 1980, Burnley Bus Station
31. JBR98F
New to Sunderland in 1968 as their 98, JBR98F, a Bristol RELL6G with Sunderland designed MCW bodywork, becoming 1898 in the Tyne and Wear PTE fleet.
Photo taken Thursday 23 November 1978, Burnley Bus Station
32. KGR527G
Tyne & Wear P.T.E. 1927, KGR527G, seen leaving the bus station in Sunderland, was a Leyland PSUR1/1R Panther with a Strachans B47D body.
Photo taken Saturday 11 August 1979, Sunderland Bus Station
33. KGR540G
Sunderland 140, KGR540G, an AEC Swift MP2R built in 1968 with Strachan B47D bodywork. Heading out to the suburbs of Thorney Close on route 23.
Photo taken June 1969, Olive Street, Sunderland
34. PBR148J
Sunderland 148, PBR148J, a Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1 built in 1970 with Marshall Camagna 2 B47D+19 bodywork.
Photo taken May 1972, Guisborough