SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. FV5742
Leyland TS7 FV5742, seen in Dunoon, was new in 1936 with an English Electric C31F body as Standerwick, Blackpool 86. It was renumbered 34 in 1946 and passed to Ribble as number 1466 in March 1948. In 1950 it was fitted with a new Duple C31F body (8'0" wide) and equipped with a Leyland E181 7.4 litre engine replacing the original petrol engine and then renumbered 755 in 1951. After withdrawal in September 1960 it passed to Millburn Motors (dealer) and to Dunoon Motor Services in June 1961.
Photo taken Monday 11 June 1962, Dunoon Pier
2. CFV707
Standerwick 86, CFV707, seen at Victoria Coach Station was a Leyland PS1/1 with a Burlingham C31F body new in 1948.
Photo taken Saturday 2 August 1958, London Victoria Coach Station
3. EFV619
Sir Lindsay Parkinson (contractor) EFV619, a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15 with Leyland C41C body, new to Standerwick, Blackpool as its 129 in 1951.
Photo taken July 1970, Bertie Street, off Manchester Road, Rochdale
4. EFV626
Standerwick, Blackpool 135, EFV626, waiting for departure time in Leeds, was seen on the land between Castle Street and Lisbon Street, but is unlikely to be travelling to Gretna Green. A Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger with a Leyland C41C body, it had been new in 1951, the last of ten delivered that year, with twenty more following in 1952.
Photo taken Saturday 13 September 1958, between Castle Street and Lisbon Street, Leeds
5. FFR355
Standerwick 136, FFR355, a Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger with Leyland C41C body at Saville Street, Leeds which was used in the summer as an overflow to Wellington Street.
Photo taken Saturday 13 September 1958, parking area between Lisbon Street and Castle Street, Leeds
6. VFR368
Teesside Municipal Transport A61, VFR368, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 built in 1960 with Weymann bodywork.
Photo taken July 1973, Middlesbrough Exchange
7. VFR373
Kirkland Bros Omnibus Services 1, MO4281, seen at the Ballina Depot was a Leyland PDR1/1 Atlantean with a Weymann H45/32F body which had been new as Standerwick 31, VFR373, in 1961 when it seated CH34/16FT. It was withdrawn in 1972, passing to North (dealer), Sherburn-in-Elmet in March 1972, then to Swires, Sagar and Fox, Tarleton (as a Non-P.S.V.) in April 1972 after which it passed to Hill (dealer), Wolongong, N.S.W. in March 1973 when it was reseated to H45/32F, passing to Kirkland, Lismore, N.S.W. In February 1974.
Photo taken May 1976, Ballina
8. TRN731
Ingleby, Acomb (York), operated TRN731, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R built in 1963 with Plaxton Panorama C49F bodywork.
Photo taken February 1979, Stokesley Market Square
9. ECK880E
Standerwick 880S, ECK880E, a Plaxton Panorama I C49F bodied Leyland PSU3/4R Leopard on a private hire duty in the yard at Hampton Court Station.
Photo taken October 1967, London Hampton Court Station
10. FCK936F
Standerwick 183, FCK936F, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R built in 1968 with Plaxton Panorama C49F bodywork.
Photo taken March 1969, The Four in Hand, Newcastle under Lyme
11. LRN60J
Standerwick 60, LRN60J, was a Bristol VRL with ECW CH42/18CT body new in 1970.
Photo taken Sunday 26 May 2013, Marine Road Central, Morecambe
12. OCK65K
Standerwick, Blackpool 65, OCK65K, a Bristol VRLLH6L with an Eastern Coachworks CH42/18CT body, was seen in Eccleston Place, London S.W.1.
Photo taken Saturday 16 June 1973, Eccleston Place, London SW1
13. OCK65K
Standerwick 65, OCK65K, a Bristol VRL with ECW CH42/18Ct body built in 1971 waits at the back of the Coliseum bus station before loading for a journey south. This was a handy place to view the comings and goings at the bus station and tram depot as long as you didn't stray too far into the premises of BCT.
Photo taken Monday 10 July 1972, Coliseum Bus Station, Blackpool
14. PRN7S3K
PRN73K, seen at Fleming Way, Crawley as it waits to start the road run to Brighton in the British Coach Rally, was a Bristol VRLLH6L which had been new as Standerwick, Blackpool 73 in June 1972.
Photo taken Saturday 22 April 1978, Fleming Way, Crawley