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South Notts
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1. RN8639
South Notts 72, RN8639, had been new in 1939 as Ribble 2074, a Leyland TD5 with a Brush L27/26R body. In 1949 it received a new Alexander L27/26R body and was withdrawn in 1960 passing to Millburn Motors (dealer) and then to South Notts in September 1960.
Photo taken Saturday 6 October 1962, Broadmarsh Bus Station, Nottingham
2. LOE300
Former South Notts 64, LOE300, by the time of this photo kept by the Royal British Legion at Gotham. It was a Leyland PSU1/15 with Duple Roadmaster body new in 1951 to Jackson of West Bromwich.
Photo taken Monday 14 May 1979, near the South Notts Depot, Gotham
3. MRR338
South Notts, Gotham 48, MRR338, a Leyland Titan PD2/12 with Leyland L27/26R body, new in 1951.
Photo taken early 1970, Loughborough
4. NAL159
South Notts, Gotham 50, NAL159, seen in Huntingdon Street Bus Station in Nottingham, was a Leyland PD2/12 with a Leyland L27/26R body.
Photo taken Wednesday 30 September 1959, Huntingdon Street Bus Station, Nottingham
South Notts tow truck 119, originally a Leyland PD2 53, ORR810 and converted to a tow truck in July 1975.
Photo taken Sunday 2 May 1976, South Notts Depot, Gotham
6. NRR852
South Notts 52, NRR852, a Leyland PD2/12 with Leyland L27/26RD body, new in January 1953 and withdrawn in April 1975, alongside engineless another 1951 PD2, 48, MRR338.
Photo taken Sunday 2 May 1976, South Notts Depot, Gotham
7. RRR913
South Notts 56, RRR913, a Leyland PD2/20 new in 1955 with Weymann L27/28R body alongside 55, RRR912
Photo taken 1979, South Notts Depot, Gotham
8. 669BNN
South Notts 69, 669BNN, a Leyland PD3/3 with Weymann L35/32R body new in 1959. It lasted with South Notts until March 1980.
Photo taken Wednesday 25 April 1979, East Leake
9. 670BNN
South Notts of Gotham Leyland Titan PD3/3 70, 670BNN, of 1959 carries a Weymann lowbridge body. It entered preservation in 1980 after withdrawal by South Notts
Photo taken 1981, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate Stray
10. 670BNN
South Notts, Gotham 70, 670BNN, a Leyland Titan PD3/3 with Weymann L35/32R body, new in 1959.
Photo taken early 1970, Loughborough Bus Station
11. 80NVO
South Notts, Gotham, 80, 80NVO, a Leyland Titan PD3/4 built in 1962 with Northern Counties L33/32F bodywork.
Photo taken Garage, Gotham
12. 80NVO
80NVO is a front entrance Leyland PD3/4 with a L33/32F Northern Counties body. Delivered to South Notts in 1962 it was their last bus ordered with offside sunken gangway.
Photo taken Sunday 27 March 2016, Portland Road Depot, Hucknall
13. 80NVO
South Notts Leyland Titan PD3 80, 80NVO, with Northern Counties L33/32F body. This bus ran for a further three years and was subsequently preserved.
Photo taken Saturday 4 April 1981, South Notts Gotham depot
14. 84WRR
South Notts of Gotham were one of the operators who ran the Clifton service from Nottingham along with Nottingham and West Bridgford Corporations. They bought five Albion Lowlanders with Northern Counties bodywork - seen at the company depot is 84, 84WRR, a 1964 example.
Photo taken Saturday 17 October 1981, South Notts Depot, Gotham
15. BRR85C
South Notts, Gotham 85, BRR85C, an Albion LR3 Lowlander, had a Northern Counties H41/30F body and was new in March 1965.
Photo taken Sunday 13 August 1967
16. BRR85C
South Notts Albion Lowlander 85, BRR85C, with Northern Counties H41/30F body. A Bedford VAM 5 GNN88D interlopes, along with probably a withdrawn PD2, registration RRR? The last Lowlanders, 82 & 89, ran until Deceember 1982.
Photo taken Saturday 4 April 1981, South Notts Gotham depot
17. FRR87D
Lowlander, 1966
Photo taken Sunday 28 April 1968
18. TNN90G
A trio of South Notts deckers shelter from the rain at the Gotham depot. Nearest the camera is 90, TNN90G, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/3 with Northern Counties bodywork dating from 1968. Next is 104, XNN104M, a 1973 Daimler Fleetline CRL6-30 and finally 85, BRR85C, a 1965 Albion Lowlander.
Photo taken Saturday 17 October 1981, South Notts Depot, Gotham
19. WJN352J
South Notts Fleetline 118, WJN352J, which was formerly Southend Corporation 352.
Photo taken Monday 4 April 1983, Canal Street, Nottingham
20. WJN353J
Southend Fleetline 353, WJN353J, went to South Notts in 1983 as their 115. Here it stands in Loughborough Bus Station on their Nottingham-Gotham-Loughborough service.
Photo taken 1980s, Loughborough Bus Station