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1. CAX390
1938 Albion coach CAX390 is now at the bottom of Roger's running shed. Armed with a torch although, you probably need arc lightly, I was able to take this picture of the cab.
Photo taken Sunday 4 September 2016, private site near Coventry
2. CAX390
This is the latest vehicle to join the Roger Burdett collection. It's CAX390, a 1938 Albion coach with Duple / Alexander Body, originally a C32F with Red & White.
Photo taken Wednesday 24 August 2016, private location near Coventry
3. EWO467
This 1942 austerity Guy Arab I was supplied to the Red and White group in 1942 with a Duple lowbridge body as their 467, EWO467. In 1950 it was rebodied with this BBW lowbridge body and numbered L442 in the Red & White fleet a further re-numbering saw it become LL442 After withdrawal by Red and White it was eventually bought by Provincal of Gosport in whose fleet it became 77.
Photo taken Sunday 6 August 1989, Harrogate
4. FAX311
Bought by Ledgards in 1959 was this Albion Valkyrie CX13 with BBW (Bristol Tramways Bodybuilding Works) rear entrance bodywork, FAX311. It was one of 5 bought from Red and White all of which dated from 1946. It lasted until 1962 and was scrapped shortly after
Photo taken c.1960, Station Parade, Harrogate
5. GWO865
Contract Bus Services, Caerwent GWO865 was an Albion CX13 with a Lydney B35F body, one of ten which were new to Red & White, Chepstow in 1948. Numbered 865, it was withdrawn in 1950 and passed to Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company as 2609 in May 1950 with the Stroud area services.
Photo taken Saturday 24 August 1963, Rotherham
6. GWO884
Seen at the Bus Station in Cheltenham is GWO884, number L79 in the Cheltenham & District fleet. This was an Eastern Coachworks L27/28R bodied Albion CX19 Venturer new as Red & White 884 in 1948.
Photo taken Saturday 5 September 1964, Cheltenham Bus Station
7. EU9722
Preserved Red & White S1449, EU9722, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 built in 1949 with Lydney B35F bodywork.
Photo taken September 1977, Canon's Marsh, Bristol
8. HWO348
Red & White L1049/2149, HWO333 and HWO348, both Guy Arab IIIs with Duple L27/26RD bodies, built in 1949.
Photo taken 1967, Abergavenny Bus Station
9. HWO323
Preserved former Red & White C350, HWO323, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with Lydney C33F body, new in 1950, and former Lancashire United Transport 440, MTJ84, a Guy Arab III (6LW) with Roe body (originally C35F, but here with reduced seating) new in 1951.
Photo taken Sunday 26 August 1973, Crich Tramway Museum
10. HWO323
Preserved Red & White HWO323, a 1950 Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with a Lydney Coaches C33F body, new in 1950.
Photo taken Sunday 4 September 2011, Rhydycar Leisure Centre, Merthyr Tydfil
11. HWO336
West Wales 52, HWO336, was one of the well-known Guy Arab IIIs with Duple lowbridge bodies bought by Red & White Services of Chepstow.
Photo taken Monday 22 June 1970, rear of the Depot, Tycroes Road, Tycroes
12. HWO341
Afternoon shadows notwithstanding, popular HWO341 is still worthy of a second slide. New to Red & White as L1649 in February 1950, the Guy Arab III 6LW with Duple L27/26RD body prepares to convey me from Bury St Edmunds to Sudbury Bus Station via Lavenham and Acton.
Photo taken Monday 25 October 1971, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds
13. HWO341
New to Red & White Motor Service as L1649 in 1950, HWO341 is a Guy Arab III with Duple L27/26RD bodywork. It passed to Chambers of Bures, Suffolk in May 1967 for a second career.
Photo taken Monday 29 March 1971, Depot, Bures
14. JWO99
This photograph shows the original Duple Roadmaster in all its original glory. New as 899, JWO99, it was exhibited at the 1950 Commercial Motor Show. It was a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15 with Duple C41F body.
Photo taken late 1950s, St. Margaret's Coach Station, Cheltenham
15. JWO122
JWO122, a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/9 with Lydney B45F body, new in 3/51 to Red & White Services, Chepstow, as no. 1002 with B43D body, this was soon rebuilt to B45F and renumbered U251.
Photo taken July 1968, Carrick-a-Rede
16. JWO213
Red & White UC951, JWO213, was a Leyland PSU1/13 Royal Tiger with Lydney C41F body new in 1951, numbered 1013 when new and being renumbered later in 1951.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1958, Gloucester
17. GWN565
Red & White acquired GWN565 from United Welsh 995 and numbered it U6251. The Leyland PSU1/9 Royal Tiger carried Lydney B45F bodywork and is seen at Pontypridd.
Photo taken Thursday 16 August 1962, Chapel Street, Pontypridd
18. KWO43
Cubitt (contractor) KWO43, a Guy Arab LUF built in 1952 with Duple Roadmaster C37F bodywork. A dull livery on a dull day almost made this invisible, it had been new to Red & White as UC11.52.
Photo taken April 1972, Garston, Liverpool
19. LAX636
Crosville MS SUG284, LAX636, a Bristol LS6G built in 1953 with ECW B45F bodywork.
Photo taken March 1970, Heswall ??
20. LAX643
Red & White UC353, LAX643, was a Bristol LS5G with E.C.W. C39F body one of eleven new in 1953.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1958, Gloucester
21. JWO217
Red & White DS4951, JWO217, a Lydney C41F bodied Leyland PSU1/13 Royal Tiger at a relatively deserted Cheltenham Coach Station.
Photo taken Saturday 5 September 1964, Cheltenham Coach Station
22. LAX634
New as Red & White U553 in January 1954 LAX634, a Bristol LS6G with an Eastern Coachworks B45F body, is seen here in Barker Street Bus Station in Shrewsbury with Crosville as number SUG299.
Photo taken early 1971, Barker Street Bus Station, Shrewsbury
23. LAX638
Eastern Counties LM587, LAX638, a Bristol LS6G with E.C.W. B45F body. New in 1954 to Red & White as U953 it passed to ECOC in January 1969, and was withdrawn in 1972 and sold to a contractor in Birmingham.
Photo taken Saturday 11 July 1970, Drummer Street Bus Station, Cambridge
24. MAX101
Crosville SUG286, MAX101, a Bristol LS5G built in 1954 with ECW B45F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1969, Crewe Bus Station
25. MAX103
Crosville SUG287, MAX103, was a Bristol LS6G with an Eastern Coachworks B45F body new in February 1954 as Red & White U354, and is seen here in Welshpool.
Photo taken early 1971, Welshpool
26. MAX107
Three from Blue Line, Upminster seen at Wembley. From the left MAX107, ORV993 and XHW419. Two Bristol LS/ECW and a Leyland PD2/40 with a Metro-Cammell H30/26R body which was ex Portsmouth 116.
Photo taken Sunday 9 June 1974, Wembley
27. MAX107
Crosville SUG290, MAX107, was a Bristol LS6G with an Eastern Coachworks B45F new in June 1954 as Red & White U754 and is seen here in Shrewsbury.
Photo taken early 1971, Barker Street Bus Station, Shrewsbury
28. SAX64
Red & White L257, SAX64, was a Bristol LD6B which had been new in October 1957 with an Eastern Coachworks H33/27RD body.
Photo taken Thursday 8 June 1967, Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil
29. SWO983
Red & White UC458, SWO983, was a Bristol MW6G with an E.C.W. C39F body new in May 1958 and is seen visiting Portsmouth.
Photo taken Sunday 15 June 1958, The Hard, Portsmouth
30. SWO986
Preserved ex Red and White UC758, SWO986, a Bristol MW6G with ECW C39F body, new in May 1958
Photo taken Sunday 17 July 2005, Alton
31. SWO994
Red and White UC1958, SWO994, a 1958 Bristol MW6G with ECW coach body after sale to Blench of Hetton-Le-Hole.
Photo taken 1978, Hetton-Le-Hole
32. VWO223
Following comments on another picture about the unusual shape of the offside roof corner on a Red and White MW, this picture of two such vehicles may explain the appearance. On the left is U2359, VWO223, a 1959 example with ECW B45F bodywork. On the right is U4163, AAX16B, a 1964 delivery despite the 1963 fleet number. The shape of the roof around the air intake does look more pronounced on the older vehicle.
Photo taken Thursday 3 August 1978, Brynmawr Depot
33. 10AAX
Three Red and White FL6Gs, from right to left 10AAX, 13AAX and 5AAX, all new in October 1960
Photo taken Saturday 1 April 1978, Tredegar
34. 15AAX
Chris Stewart managed to get three FL6Gs in his view, but checking my original slide, I think there may be another one lurking behind L1560, 15AAX, with Red and White at Pontypridd. I have no idea how to pronounce the destination showing!
Photo taken Thursday 29 August 1974, Pontypridd
35. 19AAX
Red and White FL6G L1960, 19AAX, new in October 1960 with a ECW H37/33RD body, with to the left what looks like VKG328, which was a Western Welsh Atlantean new in 1961.
Photo taken Saturday 1 April 1978, CrossKeys
36. 9AAX
A pair of Red and White FL6Gs new in October 1960 with ECW H37/33RD bodies, on the left L960, 9AAX, and a rear view of L160, VAX508.
Photo taken Saturday 1 April 1978, Tredegar
37. VWO232
VWO232 was Red & White U3259 and was a Bristol MW6G with an Eastern Coachworks B45F body.
Photo taken Saturday 17 June 1967, Hereford Bus Station
38. 31FAX
Overseas holidays can turn up the unexpected! Peter came across former Red & White UC963, 31FAX, a Bristol MW with ECW coach body, in Tangiers.
Photo taken c.1979/80, Tangiers, Morocco
39. 9EWO
Red & White L962, 9EWO, was a Bristol Lodekka FS6B of 1962.
Photo taken Wednesday 1 March 1972, Newport Bus Station
40. 164HAX
164HAX, a Bristol FS6B from 1963, L263 in the Red and White fleet at Newport Bus Station, almost all of the bus in the pre-NBC livery, but is that a grey rear wheel spoiling the effect?
Photo taken Wednesday 28 August 1974, Newport Bus Station
41. DAX601C
Red and White U164, DAX601C, a Bristol MW6G with ECW B45F body, new in February 1965
Photo taken Saturday 1 April 1978, Tredegar
42. DAX610C
Preserved Red&White U765, DAX610C, a Bristol MW6G with ECW B45F body new in 1965.
Photo taken Sunday 17 July 2011, Alton
43. DAX614C
A pair of Red & White single deckers seen here at Cardiff Bus Station. On the left is U11-65, DAX614C, a Bristol MW6G with ECW B45F body, new in 1965, while on the right is RS16-67, LAX116E, a Bristol RESL6L with ECW B46F body, new two years later in 1967.
Photo taken c. Oct 1971, Cardiff Bus Station
44. GWO8D
Ebdon, Sidcup GWO8D, a Bristol RELH6G with an Eastern Coachworks C47F body seen in Butterwick, Hammersmith, on a rail replacement service, had been acquired from National Welsh RC7866 in November 1978.
Photo taken Sunday 4 February 1979, Butterwick, Hammersmith
45. JAX111D
Red & White U1166, JAX111D, a Bristol MW6G built in 1966 with ECW B45F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1975, St Mary Street, Brecon
46. JAX117E
JAX117E, a 1967 Bristol MW/ECW. This vehicle is from the very last batch of Bristol MWs built. Registered to Red and White in Chepstow, is was the last MW to be brought by the company.
Photo taken Sunday 4 September 2011, Rhydycar Leisure Centre, Merthyr Tydfil
47. LAX104E
Red & White RS467, LAX104E, was the fourth of 21 respected Bristol RESL6L with ECW B46F bodies. It was new in March 1967 and is seen in Aberdare on a long route to/from Cardiff Bus Station.
Photo taken Tuesday 13 April 1971, Victoria Square, Aberdare
48. LAX108E
Red & White bought twenty-one of the Bristol RESL6Ls in 1967. They were some of the few RESLs built with this style of body. The whole batch was initially allocated to Aberdare where they replaced the Lydney/BBW-bodied Royal Tigers and became a feature of bus operation in the area. They were powerful, fast and musical to boot - I loved them.
Photo taken Friday 10 December 1982, Aberdare Low Level Station Yard
49. LAX111E
Red & White RS1167, LAX111E, a Bristol RESL6L with ECW B46F body, new in April 1967
Photo taken July 1974, South Road, Stoneleigh Club Terminus, Porthcawl
50. OAX3F
Red & White RELH6L OAX3F (by then dual purpose RD59.68) plus an assortment of Western Welsh and a Midland Red.
Photo taken Saturday 19 March 1977, Cardiff Bus Station
51. OAX8F
National Welsh 1336, OAX8F, a Bristol RE, new in March 1968 to Red and White, numbered RC868.
Photo taken Sunday 24 June 1984, Wood Street, Cardiff
52. OAX9F
OAX9F is a Red & White Bristol RELH6L with Leyland engine now fully restored and in excellent condition. It took part in the recent Royal Blue run for the whole 3 days and is seen on day one travelling to Bournemouth with appropriate Associated Motorways blind in left hand destination box
Photo taken Friday 20 June 2014
53. OAX9F
Preserved ex Red & White RC968, OAX9F, a 1968 Bristol RELH6L with ECW C47F body, seen arriving in Broadway, Winchester on the first day of the 3 day 2014 Royal Blue Run.
Photo taken Friday 20 June 2014, The Broadway, Winchester
54. OAX9F
OAX9F is a Red & White Bristol RELH6L with Leyland engine now fully restored and in excellent conditionhas already been to several rallies this year and is due to take part in this year's Royal Blue run. I decided to take a rear shot of this fine Bristol RE vehicle at the Southdown 100 event.
Photo taken Sunday 7 June 2015, Southdown Centenary Rally, Southsea
55. SAX1G
Red and White Services was the Associated Motorways member that participated in the operation of the joint Yelloway and Associated Motorways Rochdale to Barry Island summer Saturday holiday service. Eastern Coachworks bodied Bristol RELH number RC169, SAX1G, is seen in Rochdale prior to its return to South Wales.
Photo taken Saturday 26 May 1973, Smith Street Bus Park, Rochdale
56. SAX1G
This caught me by surprise and I didn't know at the time what it was working. I assumed it was perhaps a feeder service to the X84 Aberdare to Birmingham service. However, as I was to find out to my delight the following day when I was returning home via Birmingham, it was working all the way and was treated to a glorious ride in a very comfortable and musical coach. RD1339, SAX1G, was a Bristol RELH6L with ECW C47F body that was new as Red & White RC1.69.
Photo taken Saturday 9 July 1983, Cardiff Road, Aberaman
57. XWO937J
XWO937J was new as Red & White RC271 in May 1971 and was one of two Bristol RELH6Ls with Plaxton C51F bodies delivered that year. A further two, RC371J and RC471J were delivered to the Jones, Aberbeeg fleet. Unusually they were fitted with top-sliding windows and carried no style designation but were otherwise to the Panorama Elite II design. RC271 is seen at the Council Depot in Craneford Way, Twickenham.
Photo taken Saturday 15 January 1972, Craneford Way, London Twickenham
58. CWO286K
Red & White RD3772, CWO286K, Bristol RELH6G with ECW DP47F body, new in April 1972.
Photo taken Saturday 19 March 1977, Cardiff Bus Station