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Ramsbottom UDC
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1. GTC975
Ramsbottom 16, GTC975, new in 1946 was a Leyland PS1 which had a Roe B35R body was seen in Bury.
Photo taken Saturday 8 February 1958, Moss Street, Bury
2. HTB656
Ramsbottom UDC was the smallest constituent member of the PTE in Manchester with just 12 buses. Withdrawn before the PTE took over was this 1947 Leyland Tiger PS1 with Roe B35R bodywork. 17, HTB656, is seen at the Museum of Transport in Manchester.
Photo taken Saturday 1 December 2012, Manchester Museum of Transport
3. HTB656
Seen on the H.C.V.C. Rally is Ramsbottom 17, HTB656, which was a Leyland PS1 with a Roe B35R body new in April 1947.
Photo taken Sunday 2 May 1971
4. MTC256
Ramsbottom 27, MTC256, was a Leyland PSU1/13 Royal Tiger with a Roe B44F body new in 1950 and is seen here in Bury. This was the fourth Royal Tiger built.
Photo taken Sunday 1 June 1958, Moss Street, Bury
5. 9459TE
Ramsbottom 3, 9459TE, new in 1963, was a Leyland PD2A/30 with an East Lancs H35/28F body.
Photo taken Monday 26 August 1968, Rawtenstall Bus Station
6. DTC415E
GMT 6406, DTC415E, a 1967 Leyland PD3/4/East Lancs H41/32F formerly Ramsbottom 6.
Photo taken Wednesday 26 March 1980, Albert Square, Manchester
7. LTD232C
Ramsbottom 4, LTD232C, was a Leyland PD3A/1 with an East Lancs H41/32F body.
Photo taken Monday 26 August 1968, Rawtenstall Bus Station
8. DTC416E
Ramsbottom U.D.C. 7, DTC416E, a Leyland Titan PD3/4 with East Lancashire H41/32F body, new in 1967.
Photo taken Tuesday 28 January 1969, Bolton Street, Bury
9. FTF702F
Delivered new to Ramsbottom UDC in 1967 as their 8, FTF702F was this Leyland Titan PD3/4 with East Lancs bodywork. In 1969 it became 6408 in the SELNEC PTE fleet, then in 1984 it was bought from Alpha Coaches of Liverpool by Black Prince of Morley who repainted it into a version of their own red and yellow livery.
Photo taken 1988, Vicar Lane, Leeds
10. FTF702F
Preserved former Ramsbottom Urban District Council 8, FTF702F, a Leyland PD3/4 with East Lancs H41/32F body new in 1967.
Photo taken Sunday 24 September 2006, Duxford
11. FTF702F
Black Prince, Morley 702, FTF702F, a restored Leyland Titan PD3/4 with East Lancashire H41/32F body, new to Ramsbottom UDC in 1967.
Photo taken October 1989, Kidderminster
12. FTF703F
Ramsbottom were the smallest constituent fleet of the SELNEC PTE when it was formed in 1969. Seen in Bury wearing its new fleet number and livery is the former 9, FTF703F, a 1967 Leyland Titan PD3/4 with East Lancs bodywork.
Photo taken Thursday 24 May 1973, Knowsley Street, Bury
13. FTF703F
SELNEC Northern 6409, FTF703F, a Leyland Titan PD3/4 built 1967 with East Lancashire H41/32F bodywork. The former Ramsbottom UDC 9 was looking very smart in the new SELNEC livery when photographed working the route to Edenfield via Ramsbottom and Shuttleworth.
Photo taken September 1971, Bolton Street, Ramsbottom
14. FTF703F
GMT 6409, FTF703F, a 1968 Leyland PD3/4/East Lancs H41/32F ex-Ramsbottom 9.
Photo taken Friday 18 January 1980, Hindley Station
15. OTJ334G
Eynon, Trimsaran OTJ334G a 1968 Leyland Titan PD3/14 with East Lancs H41/32F bodywork, ex GMT and originally Ramsbottom 10.
Photo taken Friday 10 July 1981, New Street, Kidwelly
16. TTD386H
A very historic bus which surprisingly has not yet featured on the site is this, the very last half-cab bus new to a UK operator. Fittingly it is a Leyland Titan, a PD3/14 with East Lancs H41/32F body ordered by Ramsbottom UDC but in fact delivered in the first month of SELNEC's existence.
Photo taken Saturday 8 August 1970, Haymarket Street, Bury